Saturday, April 3, 2010

Goodbye Daily Painters Gallery!

Well, after much thought i have decided to drop out of my online gallery Daily Painters Gallery. this decision didnt come easily believe me, and as always i drug my feet and should have done it long before deciding to actually go through with it, this week.

it was a very hard decision, as are all decisions dealing with money and your career. i made sales on DPG and it drove alot of traffic to this blog but as i developed as a career painter it became obvious that i was stretching myself thin having over a dozen galleries spread out from cape cod to key west. anyone burning the candle at both ends knows that if you do too many things you wont do any of them to the best of your ability. better to do half as many things really well. i know my gallery owners will be really happy about this decision. Taking more time on each painting i do for them can only result in more and better paintings.

Daily painting and posting online has been a blessing and a curse. while it gave me plenty of sales they were usually priced very very low and kept me too busy to take my time doing gallery work. you were supposed to paint a small one everyday (at least every other day) and sell it really cheap. while i think its a great venue for those without gallery representation its brutal if you do.

so i am taking a leap of faith, slowing down, painting only for galleries and leaving Daily Painters Gallery. i will continue posting affordable, smaller works on the blog and believe that the best are yet to come.
and i'd like to thank all the people that found me on DPG and bought a painting. keep coming back to this blog for even more stuff i think you'll enjoy. just contact me if you ever see one youre interested in.


Tracy Bell said...

I know it was a hard decision but I am so glad you are focusing on bigger works and a more finished piece. You are a splendid painter whose work deserves your time. Great going, my friend.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks for the compliment tracy! it was a very hard decision. i sold a ton of stuff with all that traffic i got from DPG. but when i got in a really upscale gallery who said she liked my work, and doubled my prices on the spot, it made me stop and think. then after a bunch of these doublepriced things sold it made me think seriously about my galleries. i've shortchanged them for years. only doing small ones, rushing from one painting scene to the next, always stressing production.
nance (dealer in key west) wasnt at all impressed with my production and didnt care a flip about anything but excellent paintings. wow what an eye opener. she said in no uncertain words that if i did that i'd bea force to be reckoned with. then when i did more in a month, $$ wise, than i would have done in four at DPG. i've been told to make this decision for at least a year but it was by well meaning advice givers that wouldnt have to live with the decision if it didnt work out. had to come to it on my own, but they were all right! so i'll concentrate on getting great work to high end galleries, drop low end galleries selling low priced not so good work (because that is all their clientel will buy from them) increase prices where i can afford to take my time and do the best work possible. thanks for the vote of confidence! time will tell if i made the right decision.
good luck on your home show in raleigh! sell em all!