Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Enhancement-8x8-SOLD


I'm working feverishly for my two man show at City Art Gallery starting May 13th. showing with friend and fellow painter Kristin Gibson, who does fantastic still lifes. really looking forward to this show and i think the landscapes and still lifes will be a great mix.
today i painted in heavy winds near radio island, one of my fave old boatyards. everybody knows me and gives me free rein in the place and they dont gawk. i think jimmy womble (beaufort painter) goes there alot too, so theyre used to the two of us crawling all over the place painting.
in this one, called The Enhancement (headed to the May show), i like the powerful shape of the Elise G against a midday, warm blue sky. as you can see i pushed her a little warm to play up the orange/blue compliment color scheme. i made the it go blacker, but only on the far right side of her bow. keeps it light filled too with all that warmth. i like the blue tarp and probably would have made it blue were it not already. the wind was blowing and it kept changing in the sun and shadow shapes. an exercise in memory painting.
notice how much stuff i left out of my composition. i have no problem editing things if they dont add to the composition. if you can leave it out without hurting the painting, leave it out, EVERY TIME.
Cant wait to see this painting in one of the 8x8 frames i had custom made in key west. the girl was going out of business and had a lot of cool moldings and i made her a deal she couldnt refuse! the black accents on the frame will look very cool with the dark brown/warm black on the hull.
Mark the show reception on your calendar and come say hello!


Linda said...

Beautiful! The colors and composition are perfect. I really like this!

mike rooney studios said...

thank linda!