Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pulling the Stripe-8x8

if youre interested in any of these contact me for price and availability

Atlantic Harbor- 8x10

Fulcher Seafood-8x10

View Off Oceana Balcony- 8x20

Wash Day-8x10


melanie magee said...

these all have such wonderful light!!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks melanie- i especially like the one of the seafood place. that late afternoon light gets me everytime. thanks again.

Justin Holdren said...

Mike, you have been scoring home runs with the latest pieces. I have always admired your work, but the latest pieces have such a great light quality to them. Keep it up, I'm sure these will sell fast!

mike rooney studios said...

justin- thanks man. i appreciate the kind comments! funny what slowing down and concentrating can do for your work. i'm not as scattered running from here to there. frenetic would be a good word for it. now i slow down do some sketches and get the bugs worked out on paper before tackling the painting. you dont seem to struggle as much with problems that pop up and you regain the time you lost on the sketching.
then when i get it out of the field i look at it awhile and make corrections in the shapes (values, temperatures etc) so that everything reads right. its making a difference. i'm not cranking em out like i was but i hope the work is better because of it. thanks for noticing.