Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 1- Bald Head Workshop

As always i forgot to bring my camera to the workshop and get some working shots of this wonderful group of painters. Tomorrow for sure!
Today i taught the importance of having a solidly designed painting using thumbnail size value sketches as a way to "test drive" the idea. first we used only three values and then in the afternoon we designed using six values. i was really impressed with the way the whole group saw the importance of having the painting working in six shades of dark grayish blue with varying amounts of white in it. thought they'd really be bored painting black and white all day but they were stoked how it freed them to get the shapes the right value, without having to worry about if it was the right value AND the right color.
remember-if it doesnt work in "black" and white it wont work in color!
tomorrow we'll get into the color, but hopefully they'll still think in black and white (values)
my next workshop is in new bern in about a month. if you'd like to sign up you can contact me or the sponsor Carolina Creation. deadline is around may 20th.

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