Thursday, April 8, 2010

Morehead City Waterfront from Capt Bills-9x12

A friend of mine from a gallery on Cap Cod is holding a workshop, so if you'll be up there and want to attend contact Gallery 31 and they'll sign you up

Location: Gallery 31, 31 Main Street Orleans, Massachusetts

Dates: Saturday, June 26 and Sunday, June 27, 2010

Time: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Cost: $110.00 per participant, limit of fifteen.
This workshop is designed for the beginning and intermediate participant.

This two day landscape painting workshop will take place on locations near and around
Gallery 31 in Orleans. Following a brief meet and greet at Gallery 31, we will begin our day a short distance from the Gallery and assemble at Rock Harbor in Orleans. There will be a demonstration by a gallery artist in “How to Start a Landscape Painting”. We will discuss the importance of the original sketching process, composition, values and color. Several artists and instructors from Gallery 31 will work one on one with you throughout the two days, thus providing the participants with a supportive and collegial atmosphere. Each morning will be followed by an informal group critique. We will then break for lunch where participants can choose from a variety of local eateries within walking distance of the gallery, and one actually in Rock Harbor. We will paint at a different location during the afternoon session and have an end of the day critique at 4 p.m. Day two will find us painting on location at sites to be determined on Saturday. Sunday’s class will conclude with a critique and a wine and cheese reception.

"Morehead Waterfront" photo reference

if you like this one contact me for price and availability
Headed to the City Art Show in May

Sometimes a painting paints itself in spite of everything! this was one of them and i dont know how or why. the wind was howling off the water, and i must have tried to tie down the umbrella i paint under a hundred times. the light doesnt wait for such wastes of time, so i got all the really big shapes down in the right color notes and got fed up with wrestling the umbrella and left after the plein air session. in the studio i only had to do a few tweaks on the sign, stripes on the street, a few sailboat masts, and a car or two. i let your imagination fill in the rest.
what i'm really concentrating on this week is tying all the dark shapes together for a more cohesive light/dark shape pattern. the more you can link the darks together, the more dynamic the painting. when you fragment lights and darks it looks just that...fragmented.
in this one the large dark shadow pattern jumps across a small gap in the mid-ground and joins a mid-to dark shape on the far right in the background. then you have some nice light shapes on the front of the building,brick sidewalk, pavement, and sky.
the nice little accent of color i love is the shadow portion over the door in the shade. i warmed it up with yellow ochre to show the turn in the building and that reflected light bouncing up from the lighted pavement. it might not show up that good on your monitor but it looks neat in person. you cant see stuff like that in photos. another reason to only paint outside!

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