Monday, February 1, 2010

#11-Keys Trio-SOLD


Resting in the Keys- Here are those sepulchers and gravestones in the late day sun i was talking about the other day. ive got some more ideas to try and want to do some more in this graveyard that sits on the highest piece of ground here in key west. some graves are above and below ground, in simple and elaborate settings. i like the tranquility of the place after painting on the crowded streets during the earlier parts of the day. just a few people walking around talking in hushed tones not much louder than the swoooshing of the palms overhead.


Kathleen Weber said...

These Key West paintings are great! (Not sure about the saleability of graveyards tho...)

mike rooney studios said...

kathy- thanks! believe it or not i sold one from my last years trip. didnt think it would sell either. now that one had more of the landscape in it. i'll send you an email with the image. i loved that painting.
this is one of those subjects where i dont care if they sell or not.just love painting palms and gravestones in the late afternoon light.

Justin Holdren said...

Looks like your having fun Mike! I was snowed in at my inlaws over the weekend. The roads were all solid ice out in the country where we live. I did do some snow painting, but had to leave it unfinished when the sleet started! Enjoy the warm sun down there!

Linda said...

Love this series of Key West paintings along with your writings. I feel like I am almost there. Especially since I haven't seen the sun in ages! Thanks for sharing!

Justin Holdren said...

Mike, I put pics up on my blog so you can see what you are missing here in NC right now, and so you feel sorry for us, while you are basking in the sun! Soak up some rays for me!

mike rooney studios said...

justin- snow! no thanks! i'll leave that for the ones that love that stuff.
i'm glad youre getting out in it and painting. check out a guy online named kevin mencke. he does a nice job on rural scenes and snow

linda-glad i can keep you warm and sunny inside with my posts from here. decided to spend the winter down here to escape the cold, and gray and so i could paint outside 6days out of seven instead of one out of 7 up in NC
come back everyday for your dose of sun and fun from a working beach bum!