Friday, February 26, 2010

Catherine and William St. Key West-6x8-SOLD

Love these old concrete buildings with the awnings over the windows. they throw such great shadows around. toss in a tall palm, the fact that i'm in surf shorts and flipflops painting it.... whats not to love.
everybody likes to talk to a plein air painter who's on the streets doin' his thang! good for business tho' as i give all of them a card from the gallery and tell em' go see more of my stuff. today i must have talked to ten people while i was painting. never stop while i'm doing tho
i'm working dont ya know LOL


Mary Chamberlain said...

Mike, I love to visit your blog and "travel" to all these wonderful, warm places through your paintings. Your work is just so fresh and immediate. I've awarded you the Sunshine Blogger Award. Stop by my blog and check it out.

mike rooney studios said...

mary- thanks for the kind words about my work.
and thanks for the sunshine award, just too busy to pass it on but i do appreciate you thinking of me for it.
glad i can let you travel to the warm sunny places with me, on your computer screen, as i paint all the places where its not cool to wear long pants LOL