Sunday, February 21, 2010

Duval Palm-Key West-8x6-SOLD

A little ditty from Duval Street in the late afternoon sun

Tropical City-10x8
if you'd like this one, contact me for price and availability

Jose's Cantina Morning-8x8
if you'd like this one contact me for price and availability

Elgin Lane-Key West

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This is one i reworked and it was posted several days ago. the clouds came in when i was painting it plein air, and i didnt really like the muted light in the old one. so i put sunlite on everything in this one and really like it now.

several people have suggested that i take a little more time with my paintings and not be in such a hurry to post them on my daily painting site. they say that the 15-20 minutes correcting a few things could be the difference between a good painting and a great painting. i hear ya. this blogging thing can be tyrannical, but thats no excuse for not putting out my very best. sounds like a new years resolution. think i'll start this next new years day. Just kidding. i started it this week as a matter of fact. now to keep it up. BTW it has helped the paintings ive posted this week, so i'm sold. now to stay slowed down and get in the habit of doing that on everyone! thanks Ray and Bob for caring enough about me and my work to suggest it!

doesnt mean everything i post will be a winner. i dont want to even give that impossible notion the chance to psyche me out. just saying i'll slow down and try to catch the glaring mistakes by looking at the piece in a mirror and getting a fresh perspective of it. again- thanks bob.

i really do want to be the best and most prolific plein air painter i can be, but not at the expense of being so rushed. so i'm slowing down some. that may mean slight price increases but i think people who arent just looking for a deal (like they do on ebay) know that good paintings are worth the little bit extra they paid. its true of luxury cars, fine wine, a nicer house and clothes, you name it. fine art shouldnt be something you buy ONLY based on whether its cheap or not. at least thats not how i buy it (yes i do buy paintings) and i buy because i love the painting and only when/if i can afford it. i dont cruise the web looking for something cheap i can buy. and this coming from the man whose picture is in the dictionary next to the word FRUGAL lol

now ive got paintings all around me that i love to look at everyday. and nobody worth a darn is giving anything away these days (or any other days- for that matter) right?


Steve said...

Mike, insightful of you to recognize what a monster the blogging stuff can be.
Me, I'm a "plodder"...and no matter what I've done-writing, painting, etc., my personality requires me to not mess with it after I've finished until a day or so passes. You might be a "sprinter" however and that would require you to do things more quickly to get your best results. I guess my point is that we all have different personalities and do things differently and just have to figure out what works best for ourselves...hey, whatever you've got going on, it's working well for you.
Hey, I also wanted to mention that I was in Key West and happened by the Gallery on Greene ;). I straightaway asked to see your works and the helpful lady perked up and directed me to your "wall," saying how excited the gallery was to have you on board. Best of luck there.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks steve!- hopefully they'll be so excited that they'll send me monthly checks for sold paintings :D

yes i do work best when working fast and intuitively. i overwork paintings when i dicker around with them too much, "fixing" this and that. i'll just look for big, obvious things that can be fixed if ill just take 15 minutes to look at it backwards in a mirror for some fresh perspective on it.