Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beach off Simonton St.-6x8-SOLD

Finally! the sun!

on a side note- speaking of making me immensely happy.... the place i'm staying has an outdoor shower. bamboo all around, water hot enough to peel skin, palms and banana tree leaves hanging down on you. tropical showering paradise. one of my favorite things, i think.

the funny story about the painting above is that every morning i run down here to see if its paintable and theres a beach full of people laying in the sand where they slept all night. there are tons of people down here that really just stay out under palm trees, under bridges and other vagrant camps where they band together for safety. i guess the keys is probably one of the best places in the country if you dont have an established residence or want to "fly under the radar".

people come here from every state in the nation trying to outrun the cold. hey thats me too isnt it? :D


francesca said...

Hi MR feels like I'm in Key West! Love your paintings and comments...I can feel the sand! having BIG savings on Lukas 1862 thru Feb. 7 Happy painting down there

Linda said...

Another good painting. I like the little house on the beach in the distance.

mike rooney studios said...

francesca- thanks for the tip on 1862. its my fave paint. just bought a couple hundred buck worth so i wouldnt run out. stock up if you can, its the best paint!

linda- thanks. i almost left out those houses but i thought it gave a sense of habitation on these little islands that surround key west. whoever lives in those houses on that island in the painting is living large!