Sunday, February 7, 2010

Customs House at Dusk-6x8-SOLD

This is #15

Did the Studios of Key West paintout yesterday and sold my two 8x10 entries at the wet paint sale afterwards. funny story about doing one of them.

i set up to do the other side of this building above and parked my bike about 10 ft from me and didnt think i had to lock up the bike i've been borrowing to get around town. i paint all the way up to the deadline to turn in the paintings at 3:30 pm thinking i'll jet down the street and make it on time. go to jump on my bike and its gone! oh ^^*^*)(**( what do i do? so i tell a few cabbies to be on the lookout for it and jump in one to get to the Studios. enter my paintings and the cabbie that took me there comes back in and tells me they found my bike (er,,,,nicks bike). one of the ladies shooting video for a tv station graciously offers me a ride all the way back across town to get the bike. zip back jump on and ride like a maniac to meet one of the folks buying a painting from me. get there just in time frazzled, out of breath but happy as a clam.

went from a victim of theft, hundreds in debt (for the loss of the bike) to having the bike back and money in my pocket in one hour!

bet a studio painter never had his bike stolen while he was painting. you never know what a day will bring when you paint outside en plein air. thats what makes it so exciting!


Kathleen Weber said...

Mike- these look great, I especially like the alley. I also really like your b/w sketches!

Linda said...

Your alley painting and this one are just wonderful! I like the light and shadows in the alley painting.
Glad to hear that your stolen bike story has a happy ending.

mike rooney studios said...

kathy- i'm keeping with the sketch thing. they are very helpful in quicker more accurate drawings at the beginning of the painting.

linda- thanks so much. glad i got the bike back for sure. thats my plein air mobile for around key west.

Joe DiGiulio said...

Mike, good thing you got Nick's bike back to him. Love the story. I know your having a blast. go paint the Green Parrot for Me!