Monday, February 8, 2010

US 1 South-Sugarloaf Key-6x8-SOLD

Was riding home tonite up US 1 (the two lane road that connects a hundred miles of keys) and saw this scene in the rear view mirror. i heard two voices in my head argueing. it sounded something like said "i'm tired boohoo" and then the other was like "that is the coolest sunset, now get out and paint that you wuss!"

well you can see which little voice i listened to. glad i did. i really like this one. used a palette knife and the color is pure and the paint is lusciously thick. the result of watching Lois Griffel and Susan Sarback videos all afternoon yesterday, with my friend and fellow Conch Republic painter, Bob Wilson.

in other news-

Still working out the details but it looks like i'll have a three day workshop at The Studios of Key West (TSKW) next winter. there is a very vibrant art community in key west and i'm excited about the prospect of having a workshop here

i'm auctioning two pieces in Provincetown, Cape Cod this sunday the 14th. go to Outer Cape Auctions by clicking below to see the pieces. They now have a live feed of the auction and you can watch live (and bid) in real time. click here to go to their site. there is a Wolf Kahn painting for auction, Emile Gruppe, and all the Cape Cod School of Art alum sell at this auction also, so i have to pinch myself to make sure i'm not dreaming about being in this event.

met Peter Vey today. I've always loved his paintings and is one of florida's top selling artists. he has a studio in TSKW, and is a super nice guy, giving me some advice about what galleries to check into getting into, while i'm here. Google "Peter Vey Key West" and check out his awesome knife paintings. He's in Gallery on Greene here.

Keys Corner- 16x12

if you like this one contact me for price and availability

Two with the knife today. what can i say.... Griffel and Sarback DVD's got me stoked to use that long thin blade of steel instead of a brush. all i can say is... no way your monitor can capture the pure, clean color in this one. mixing on the canvas using pure, saturated color makes this one a beaut!

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