Saturday, February 13, 2010

Harpoon Harry's-Key West-6x8-SOLD

Loved the light on this building in the 10 am sun.

the bottom right two window/doors is the location of a popular key west restaurant/bar, Harpoon Harry's. wow! something thats nostalgic to a lot of people and the light attracting me too. the stars were aligned for this one. i did this one again (this time 8x10 that is now at Gallery on Greene) if you'd like it bigger than 6x8. either contact me or them and we'll hook you up.

Jose's Cuban Cantina-8x10

You can contact Gallery on Greene for this one (or drop me an email). i did this one the day after the first one a few posts back. same time of day. this is a typical corner scene down here. too much to paint, so little time.

Love the red door on this one. went back the third time and he had painted it white. i stayed with the red door on the 8x8. liked the way the red door looked versus the newly painted white one. i have an "artistic license" in my back pocket at all times LOL

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Angelique Rosales said...

I love this painting you did, I miss this place so much. It was my grandmothers and we had it in our family a long time. Great job on this painting.