Thursday, February 4, 2010



thought it would be interesting to show some of the sketches i did today. its been rainy or cloudy since monday and i havent painted anything to post on the blog. this is what ive been doing to sharpen the drawing skills. i dont really like sketching but doing these is helpful for getting an accurate drawing of the shapes on the canvas when doing a painting. this is on greene st. looking towards the old court house (tall bldg on the left).

these are thumbnail sketches using three or four values to get a handle on the composition and value plans. really liked the channel marker sketch on the right and may paint it if the sun ever comes out again :D

i found that of all the sketching materials ive been trying out this week that i love the Micron Marker the best. i use the fine for the first few marks and use the thicker nib for heavier marks and the darker areas. i hated all the ones i did in graphite and colored pencil. always loved markers and charcoal when i was in art school. funny how things havent changed in thirty some years.

drawing something like this scooter helps to know how to paint one in should you ever have to (whether its really there or not). by sketching an object, you get to know all the shapes and how they fit together. then its in your memory bank should you ever need it. so i've been doing palm trees, scooters, cafe umbrellas, conch houses... anything i think i might need to "fake in" or to help me paint them better if they are really in the scene. its actually getting more and more enjoyable the more i do it. i'd much rather paint tho!

hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow and i'll get to paint the channel marker sketch and two or three more i've got it mind.

there's an art walk next thursday night where all the galleries stay open until 9 and i plan to be at The Seam Shoppe doing a demo and selling paintings off my table so ive got to get painting!


Carol Schiff Studio said...

I like you sketches Mike. Very fresh and beautiful.

Linda said...

Your sketches are very good. I think you should also paint the old courthouse on Greene St. Your post has encouraged me to bring my sketchbook out. As you said, drawing goes hand in hand with painting. Thanks!

Justin Holdren said...

Love the sketche Mike! I actually have gotten back in the habit of sketching too. When I need a light setup for some color, I use a waterproof black pen or marker, Then use my pocket watercolor kit to float washes of color over the drawing. Works great when you need to travel light, but have a study to do a larger studio work later.

mike rooney studios said...

carol- ive actually been enjoying the Micron marker sketches and the cool thing is... i have a great retention of the scene (if i get to it before my memory fades) like you do when you paint it.

linda- i really liked the greene st view of the court house and probably will paint the thing before the sketch retention fades. if i do it for 30 days they say it'll be a habit. so i gotta stay with it when its rainy

justin- let me know if you ever post any. i'd like to see em!