Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Sketches

More of that cloudy/overcast/brilliant sunshine days. the curse of a plein air painter. if it stays overcast you can work with that, and of course straight sun is great. but when it goes in and out every five minutes, there's no working with that. the whole value plan changes, the colors and the the lighting effect changes too much. so what do i do now? sketch!
i cant tell you how it's added to my memory banks and how its made painting plein air easier. once i've done something like these scooters a few times, i can add them to a composition if i want, even if its not really there. by drawing them from different angles, etc. i have their form memorized. not to mention... if its really there to look at, the drawing accuracy is of course waaaay better!
if i found somebody to do things that i shouldnt really be doing (like cutting and gessoeing panels) and alot of other tedious non-skilled type tasks and spent that time drawing out on location, i'd improve tenfold in a year. definately going to give this some real thought. painters should be drawing and painting and not alot of the stuff they end up having to do, that adds no value or skill to their craft. i has to to be done but we all know that delegation of jobs that can be done by others is just plain smart. something we should all think about eh?

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