Friday, February 12, 2010

Elgin Lane Key West-6x8-SOLD


Near the Sea Wall- 8x6
to KB

Wow this place just gives me one story after another.

i'm out on the streets painting and in this heat it can take a toll on you carrying that big backpack, peddling around a twenty block area, etc. Lets just say youre not fresh as a daisy. so i go to get drink and i'm at the convenient store sitting on the ground, painted up clothes, beard getting a little scraggly, paint all over me, hair going everywhich way, you get the idea.

this street person comes wheeling up on his beat up bike (looking alot like me) and he takes a real long, sloppy draw on a filter-less cigarette, down to his fingers, looks at me and says "hey man, you want the rest of this"

first i thought "rest of what?" then i thought how its not just the well-to-do folks around here that are so friendly. the old geezer offered what he had, which wasnt much. I dont smoke and i'm not homeless (not yet at least) but that was a nice gesture of him wasnt it?

took four paintings by Gallery on Greene today. a bigger Jose's Cuban Cantina among them. i'll try to get some photos of the rest before i take them in next time.


Anonymous said...

good story Mike.

Anonymous said...

The way a human should behave towards another human. I love it.

Phyllis O'Shields said...

the spirit of the Conch Republic is alive and the light there...