Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SOLD-From Gary's Yard-6x8


a painting from a buddys yard. he lives on the boat to the right. i liked this painting for its somewhat abstractness and blocky stroke work. no fiddleing with it. BAM! as Emeril Lagassie says!

Monday, March 26, 2012

$75- Rt. 1 into Paradise-6x8

$75 plus $10 s/h
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havent posted in a while. havent painted in a while. unfortunately i was kiteboarding one afternoon last week, and had a little accident. cut my foot open and broke the little toe. so everyday after teaching on it i'd have to go ice it down and elevate it. probably shoulda got a stitch or three, but thats for cry babies LOL but it did stop me from the daily paintings. well i think i'm back in action so you'll see more on here than you have lately. Met a really nice painter named anne ireland today. she's doing a residency at the Studios of Key West and is teaching a workshop in a few days. google her name and maine and you'll get her website. really really nice stuff. i think she said she studied with connie hayes as well. check her out.
p.s. if you google green parrot key west and find their website some friends and i will be on the live webcam jamming some bluegrass and western swing music tomorrow night (tuesday) starts around 8 and goes till about 11. playboy magazine once rated the green parrot the third most popular bar in america. the place has music going almost around the clock and open to the street all the way around two of the four sides. cool place. check it out if youre ever in key west!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bald Head Island NC workshop a Go!

just got the news that the Bald Head plein air workshop is a go. Depending on how many people are repeat students of mine will determine the Loose and Colorful curriculum but i'll be teaching at a great little island called Bald Head just off the coast of NC 15 minutes by ferry from Southport.  the exact dates are to be determined shortly but will be somewhere from april 23- 28th depending on folks' schedules. the cost will be $300 for the three days. you can call Bald Head Properties and inquire about where you can stay. whats cool is that you ride around in golf carts down beautiful paths from one beach or marsh location to the next, as cars arent allowed. the spots to paint are breathtaking and we'll all hang out after class preparing meals together and discussing painting late into the night over your choice of adult beverage. not too many tho. i'll have you out early painting the beautiful light first thing in the morning! want to join us? email me and let me know and i'll give you more info and sign you up.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

SOLD-Elgin Morning

a sunny lane painting trying to bump the coloring a bit. these scenes abound downtown. students have been saying it was hard for them to paint these scenes because youre so close to them, but i just put a couple of dots on the canvas marking the outer perimeter i want for the roof and bottom of the building, draw it in and then gauge every other shape size off of that. seems to work out most of the time. this color study is the bargain of the week! 8x8 for $75
Stock Island Boat in Morning Light -8x10
contact me for unframed price

went with my painting bud john (click here to go to his blog) to paint this one when we returned to stock island for a morning session. the blues and turqoise sky with the building in the background were irresistable and had to be attempted. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SOLD-Further Down Elgin Lane-7x9

i've got plein air workshops in west palm beach and fort pierce fl, coming up in a few weeks. the dates are over in the right sidebar. also will be adding goldsboro nc in may sometime.let me know if you want to come to any of these.

 in WPB i'll be doing a session or two on outdoor still life. cape school teacher henry hensche insisted that all painting be done from life in outdoor light. even if the still lifes were set up in studios, i'm sure all, if not most were done in studios with north light coming in the window lighting the objects. wasnt there at the school, but thats my guess. i dont care to paint my subject under artificial light. it looks too.... uh huh you know!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just Off Newton St-SOLD

a cool set of houses in the afternoon sun. the thing about painting these narrow streets is that you cant back way up from the scene so you have to drop the size of things (for instance) to get two houses and a car on a 7x9 panel and you feel like your painting it 10 feet from the houses. most times cars have to pull over to let another past, the streets are so narrow. i like that i have a car in this one but it doesnt call out for too much attention. 

the show went great and i sold Keys Waterfront Dining and the 8x10 i did on Pidgeon Key, last night. guess i'll have to start doing larger ones more regularly. s my friend ray from tidewater gallery says, "those big ones have wall presence!"

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Few More for the Show

 Elgin Motif 12x16
Southern Exposure 16x20

the weekly magazine came out down here about the show and here's the link