Saturday, December 29, 2012

SOLD-Sheila's Side Yard-1229A-8x10

below is a glimpse into how i'm thinking in the initial 10 minutes of the block-in. i'm very concerned where the darkest areas of the painting will be and i get em in dark quick (in this case differing shades of alizarin crimson)

if youve ever taken one of my workshops you know how long i spend stressing value. and for good reason. most of the problems i'm dealing with in these classes are value problems.
look at how the painting "works" after i changed it into shades of sepia with my photo editor. i always say if it doesnt work in black and white its not gonna work in color either. if i could only say one sentence about anything it would be this- see how everything that gets sun is lighter than whats in the shadow. as you painters out there know, thats simple in theory but difficult in the real world struggle of making a decent painting.
note: my posts may get more sporadic while i pack up everything to go to key west and get settled in. but i'll post as often as i'm able. once i settled in down there i'll be doing tons of 6x8's. if anyone's interested in pre-ordering something from my upcoming series of palm trees and conch houses, just let me know so i can get you on the list. if you just started watching my blog go to the right sidebar and hit previous years the months of december-april and you'll see what i do.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Next to the Lift-1228A-8x10

a boat in the state of repair. thing is this things been sitting in about the same condition (and spot) for the last several years. funny that in all those years i havent painted this motif before (tho i have painted the boat). today the light hitting the cabin area was gorgeous! so here it is
this shows that you can paint around where you are everyday for years and never run out of things to paint. Henry Hensche said "anything with light on it is beautiful". how true!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

SOLD-Quiet Resting Spot-1227A-18x24

went back today to finish the painting i started with Guy the other day. that day a high milky deck of clouds formed just after i got the drawing done on this medium sized painting. not good for getting color notes down, but i just kept putting in big shapes in the somewhat approximate color for a few hours. then i came back today on a nice clear sunny day and put the actual colors i was seeing over the block-in. i also used very large raggedy brushes and that helped me achieve my goal of keeping it loose and painterly, the holy grail for my larger work.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

SOLD-Out in the Country-6x8

the light was silvery and pretty today so off i headed with my new pared down plein air kit. i ditched the big backpack and filled a small satchel with ONLY the essentials. doing this in preparation for my key west bicycle setup i'll be using daily soon.
was painting in a small town the other day and a fellow brother of the brush named guy jackson visiting from houston saw me and introduced himself. we knew all the same online painters and he had studied with many of the cape school teachers i know of, like camille prezwodek and susan sarback. we painted together in one of my favorite haunts (picture above) the next day, and had a great time. thats one of the cool things about this plein air painting gig. you meet the nicest folks.
he said when he first saw me and my suv full of painting junk that i was either a painter or homeless. ive heard that more times than i can count!

hope youre having a great holiday season and i wanted to thank you all for following my blog, going to my galleries and workshops, buying my dvd's, and last but not least, buying and viewing my artwork! without you, i couldnt do what i love for a living. thank you!

Friday, December 21, 2012

SOLD-Spanning Sides-6x11

second one from the parking deck. loved the reflections in the water and the color harmonies. i'm striving to keep a chunky look to my shapes without a bunch of "wispy" strokes. the water really looks watery dont you think? wow, i need to remember how i did that :D
i was asked how i did my reflections in the painting i did a few posts ago
so here are the bullet points-
  • put a slightly lighter shape all over the shape of the reflection
  • make it warmer and lighter than the water, and keep it grayed down
  • as you get closer and closer to the source of the light thats making the reflection, add lighter and lighter zones
  • add yellow, pink, or orange paint "spots" that are almost 90% white, right at the end
  • be sure the reflection is the lightest shape in the whole painting or it wont read as sparkly

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Downtown Shadows-5x7

email me to purchase
yesterday was gorgeous. temps in the middle sixties so i grabbed the plein air gear and headed to a downtown wilmington parking deck roof. as the sun was going low this cool shadow showed up on the white building on 2nd street.
i went crazy!hurry hurry get it drawn before its gone. as the painters out there know, winter sun goes down twice as fast as normally (especially this close to the winter solstice). in a few weeks the sun will start staying out about a minute longer every day. of course where i'm headed (soon) the sun wont set as soon as here because its closer to the equator. just keep thinking of reasons i love that place!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Waterfront Shimmer-22x28

email for price and availability
this one came together easily. some work out that way and others are a struggle and battle from start to finish. i will say that i did a value study of it first and had a great plein air study to work from (as a color study) so that might have had a lot to do with it. that doesnt mean you wont struggle just because you did that, but it has to influence the number somewhat, right?
i love the shimmer and was able to keep that the reason for the painting even tho' there were plenty of ways to get waylayed from that mission.
this is swansboro nc for those that like to know such things

Saturday, December 15, 2012

In Progress-Finding my BIg Style-22x28

just started another 22x28 and thought i'd take you along for the ride. this first shot is the block-in using my bastardized version of the cape school technique. the orange you see all over is the original wash color. then i put the darks in with alizarin crimson and the light lights with yellow (and in the water, some white) i try real hard to leave white out of my underpainting colors because it tends to lock down the painting too early. it also starts to cool and gray shapes. i want the opposite to happen.

further along in the process you can see where i'm putting saturated color over the underpainting. i'm using very large brushes (2" down to 3/4") i'm correcting the initial drawing. also very cognizant of whats in the light and whats in shadow and reflecting this in the differences between their respective values .this gives you the structure for the painting. as you can see, an underpainting with the right values and shapes will nearly look finished in an image on the computer (or digital pic) or when i stand back a distance. if it doesnt read well from 12 feet away you better stop and regroup and work on that before you even think about taking out smaller brushes

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SOLD-Big House Little House-8x8


this is the deal of the month! an 8x8 for a 6x8 price! they dont last long on here so hit Buy Now in a hurry.
everybody in my blogosphere thinks ive bugged out to key west early because of all the tropical subject matter here lately.nope not gone yet but definately keeps me warm on these cold dreary days.
i like that ive learned to make a shape warm and light but keep it in the shadow family. i know small thing to get excited about but what can i say!
if you'd like private lessons when i'm in key west jan-april drop me an email.

Friday, December 7, 2012

SOLD-Bone Island Shadows-8x10

heres the block in on one of my newest paintings. i really really like it like this, but i'd be accused of not working on it long enough! i love the simplicity of the shapes and pure color. two lessons here-
1. things dont have to have a lot of detail to be recognizable. adding just a bit of detail is all thats needed to finish it out and keep the spontaneous, edited look.
2. color dulls every time you touch it, so put it on and leave it alone!

Bone Island Shadows-8x10
the finished piece with some more work done ie. a few smaller shapes in just the right places (oh yeah, called detail)
email me for availability and price

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

SOLD-Sleepy Atlantic-16x20

this one was a change in MO for me. i started this 16x20 plein air several months ago on a trip to atlantic nc, with my painting cohort jimmy womble. it sat around till after i got back from the cape and i knew i wanted to give it more work. more subtlety and color. so i wiped liquin on it and started working in the shapes with more variety of stroke and color.
i think ive always had this slap dash mentality to my small studies. i like to do it, finish and get on to the next one. that fits my personality. but here lately i'm going larger and that requires a different mentality completely, so i'm retooling the MO to fit the job at hand. big is good, small is good.
gotta be open to change and still work with what works for you as a painter.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

SOLD-Olden Times-6x8

heres one from a recent trip to rocky mount nc. its an old mill and i think we were trespassing when my bud steve l. and i were painting it. i love the late winter light on the shapes. i was showing steve how to capture the temperature of the light and a way to not fuss with the detail. i say "make pretty shapes"

Keys Eatery2-12x16
inquire for price and availability

my new rendition of Keys Eatery. this used to be one of my fave cuban restaurants in key west. it was out of business last year. maybe somebody else will open one this year!
in todays lesson i'll show you how i revamped a painting leaning on my studio wall for a couple of years. getting in the mood for southern latitudes this week.
the older painting needed something. it lacked ummphhhh! so i:
  1. beefed up the saturation (chroma) of most of the shapes
  2. made a bigger contrast in alot of the areas
  3. cooled off with purple the treees way in the back to make em go back more while accentuating the tree to the far right bringing it closer
  4. whitened the roof on the small house in the back to make it POP more
  5. got rid of the puddle of water in front of the restaurant
  6. darkened the trunk area of the two palms. the first ones are too light and destroy the shadow pattern
  7. made the palm shapes more interesting with more contrast against the sky. the french word in contre jour literally "against the day". isnt that a beautiful term?
Keys Eatery-12x16

Monday, November 26, 2012

SOLD-Swan Quarter Profile-7 x 7.75

i taught a private lesson today in swan quarter marina, and i did this demo to show how to start a painting, and how to concentrate on three ideas when blocking in.
 in summary they are:   2.correct values  3. overstate the colors/temperatures (initially)

i'm in nc till the end of december and if you'd like to come to topsail island for a lesson or two email me. the first hour is $35 and $25 each hr. after that. when i get to key west i'll be doing lessons in the afternoons, so if you get too cold where you live and you want to paint outside in shorts, then go home and run the A/C while you watch snow storms on the weather channel (from farther up north) come on down.

doing a demo and selling out of a box of new smaller paintings (all unframed and super affordable) at City Art in Greenville december thursday 6th. if youre in the area come by and buy a bunch of em! LOL

Thursday, November 22, 2012

2/3 shadow color study

went out Thanksgiving morning and found this little beauty in an old neighborhood in a small eastern nc town.a classic example of a painting being either 2/3 in light or 2/3 in shadow.
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Into the Boatyard-22x28

ok here it is done. wow i had fun on this big one. never thought i'd hear that coming out of my mouth. if youve read this blog any amount of time or know my work well enough you know i never liked doing big paintings. i thought they were scary and that i tended to paint them too tight.

my switch in working method and the confidence i have from painting thousands of small ones have led me to the point where i want to explore the large canvas. dont want to lose my dreamy, edited style but do want to play with the shapes more in a larger format.

today i painted another hour and a half on this one lightening the dirt road and giving it half a dozen temperature shifts. lightened the sky and calmed the paint stroke down to push it into the distance. then i darkened the tree to the right quite a bit and lightened the land mass way in the back keeping the nice lavender color i love which matches the shadow side of the boat.

its funny how painting (and i guess everything in life) is a matter of changing the way you think about things. was watching a show about a guy who was supposed to go to the edge of space in a balloon and then parachute back to earth. to get to that altitude he had to wear a pressurized space suit. well when he got into it for the first time the smell freaked him out and he thought of the suit as the "enemy" and that it would lead to his death. so he wouldnt train with it on because it reminded him of death. he eventually quit the project and they hired another test pilot in his place. a few months later he was meditating and he came to the realization that the edge of space was very hostile. that led him to think of the suit as his "friend" and the only way to survive in that hostile environment. his whole thinking changed and he went back and asked for his job back. they put him in the suit and he did great. the situation didnt change one iota but the way he saw it did and allowed him to do it!

to me that was a huge lesson that will apply to my not wanting to paint big paintings, and can be applied to whatever it is that is holding you  back from being happy and/or successful. nine times out of ten the obstacle isnt going to change so change the way you view that obstacle.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

SOLD-Color and Shadows-6x8

can you tell what i dream of (and paint) when its rainy and cold here in nc? thats right-- sunny 80 degree lanes that are tropical, lush, and colorful. just to the north of havana in fact!
i did this one from a study i did last year. like the looseness in this one. this may end up painted even larger and shipped to a florida gallery? dont know yet
i filmed a new dvd about "Understanding and Mastering Values" for Jerrys Artarama yesterday. it'll take a few months to get edited and into the stores (and catalogue) and i'll let you know here when theyre available. also did a bunch of Free Art Lessons. they wont take as long to get online. you can go to the website and look around in a few weeks. others i did previously are on there now if you havent seen my FAL's before. theyre fun 5-7 minute mini lessons on tons of painting subjects. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

excuses excuses

i know.... long time since my last post. i must admit that i havent had time lately to either paint or post here lately. this time of the year is a whirlwind of activity and there was no time. these are some of the things ive been juggling. remember my posts about painters not always painting? ive been delivering new work to my galleries for the holiday buying season and because they wont see me till i get back from key west in the spring. next there was the outer banks workshop and Art of the Carolinas in raleigh. next a gig judging an art show in kinston. tomorrow i'm filming another instructional dvd for jerrys artarama/world of art folks. thats always fun! later off to the holiday show at ArtSource. cant not wait to start painting again! soon... soon.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Boat in a Field-8x10

now at City Art in Greenville NC
$450 framed
well my Acer computer that i bought for $300 six years ago finally died. it had been sick for awhile but i nursed it along longer than i should have. so i had to go out and buy a new one. got a dell and i really like it. its nice to be able to use the battery and not have to plug in to a socket all the time. for years i did this with the acer instead of letting go some cash for a new battery. then the old one used to shut off randomly when it got hot. aggravating to say the least. you could be right in the middle of a long email or blogpost and BOOM it would shut down and all that work would be lost. no more of that thank God! its not easy being a cheap skate.
RIP Acer!
this week i was on the outer banks teaching and painting. the weather really didnt want to cooperate as the nor'easter gave us rain and cold north winds. but everybody had a good time and learned alot.
i'll finish up on the 22x28 i'm working on and then head out to teach at Art of the Carolinas in raleigh. i'll be teaching a class on values friday night, how to simplify complexity saturday night and all day sunday i'll be explaining the cape school underpainting method. seats are limited.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

some more work on large painting

some more work on the 22x28. worked more greens and form into the trees, more work on the boat and water (changed water lighter and boat darker) so they dont run together. also some different temperatures in the sky and worked some suble temperature shifts in the dirt road. getting happy with it about now. a few more 'tweaks' like adding variety to the boat shadows,  adding rigging on the shrimp boat, etc. and we'll call it done

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Small Town Glimpse-8x6

email to purchase
day 2- wiped Liquin on the whole painting to re-wet the surface. i hate painting on dry board or canvas. here ive put greens in, a swath of purple in the back for the distant trees water, sky, the shadow on the dirt road, and the blue-green building. still keeping it pretty thin and letting alot of the underpainting show. i mean, whats the use of underpainting in brilliant colors if youre going to cover every inch of the canvas with the topcoat? leaving the bits and pieces show, is what makes the color sparkle.

here the road is put in and you cant see the cool orangey pinks coming thru it! also put the boats in  and worked the tree a little bit more, trying to make form out of a basic dark green silohuette from the underpainting. i think its coming along nicely. more tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Work in Progress- 22x28 demo

starting a 22x28 today and i know how much y'all like seeing em in progress like this, so i'll try to remember to shoot pics all along the way.
above i'm beginning to lay in the big shapes with lots of reds and oranges (and lots of Liquin) on my underpainting. want to get the white gone asap and then start to flesh out the values some. on this one with all the blues and greens in the upcoming top coats i think i'll lean towards all the warmer colors underneath (red,yellow and orange- even in the shadows)
i used the two 50 cent brushes i buy from the hardware store. makes me stay loose and big. i modify the cheapest bristle brushes they have by cutting the tops off about a third and then round them a bit like a filbert is shaped. i love em for biggies like this painting! i underpainted this whole painting (drawing too) in less than an hour. I'll wipe it with Liquin on a rag once it's dry and then i'll start putting down more realistic colors into the shapes.

here's the plein air study i'll be using as reference

Monday, October 29, 2012

SOLD-PTown Glimpse-6x8

Hurricane update: Sandy slid by us slowly this weekend and (today) with nothing but wind and rain here on the southern end of the north carolina coast. i'm afraid it'll make landfall further up north (maybe NJ?)  maybe when it gets in the colder water up north it'll lose intensity and just be a rain event. hope so. 
this one's from my trip to cape cod back in the late summer. a sweet little glimpse of an alley in Provincetown heading to the water. the light in the morning there is wonderful. and no i didnt almost get arrested doing this one!
just taught a workshop in rocky mount that was awesome. i learned so much from all the other painters. i'm always asked are my w/s's for those very new to painting. and the answer is yes. i like teaching beginners because they are very teachable. they soak up the instruction like sponges and are highly motivated to learn and dont care if they paint a masterpiece. seems like it can be often be the more experienced painters in a workshop that can sometimes get easily frustrated if they arent painting the way they think they should. but remember that you shouldnt paint anything decent in a workshop because youre learning something totally new.add on top of that that youre in unfamiliar waters and that brings a certain level of anxiety with it. of course youre not going to paint your best. relax and learn the concepts and method and dont worry about the end product. thats what you pay for, not to paint something youre proud of at the end of the day, right?

upcoming events
Plans are in the works for me to teach at the Art Guild of Purple Isle in Key Largo this march. i think its only going to be available to members of the guild but if you live in key largo and would like to join the guild i'm sure they'd be agreeable to that. shoot me an email for details as they come available. my upcoming workshops in the next couple of week are on the outerbanks, and Art of the Carolina's in Raleigh. email me for info or to sign up
i'll also be attending the Holiday Show at ArtSource in Raleigh Thurs. Nov. 15th from 7 until? i'm bringing new work with me to hang so if youre in raleigh come and see me and say hello!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Shore Drive Duo-6x8

email to purchase
love this tight crop shot of two shore cottages.its in the golden hour when shadows abound and the clock runs three times as fast! you gotta get that block in done in no less than fifteen minutes if youre going to have any chance of capturing the color.

note: last chance to sign up for this weeks w/s in rocky mount nc. two days- thur. and friday. cost $200.
also the fast approaching Outer Banks workshop. and there's room in the cottage for you to stay so you dont have to arrange lodging. contact me if you can make the three day workshop in Duck NC, November 4th thru 6th. Cost is $300 plus a little for the cottage. We'll cover values, color mixing, plein air techniques, and lots of easel time outdoors on the dunes and waterways of the outer banks. email me to sign up.

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Break in the Weather (maine)-6x8

email me to purchase
painted near Mt. Desert Island in maine a few months ago. the weather had been bad all day and i was itching to paint but couldnt. then late in the afternoon there was a break in the clouds where some light could hit the landscape. i was all over it!
now for todays lesson: changing the values and adding contrast
note: i didnt photoshop correct either of these photos so you can see a comparitive difference in the changes to values i made
here is the original 8x8 that just hasnt been able to find a good home. i analysed it trying to figure out what it was. maybe it was the stupid shape of a house in the background? maybe it was the values wereall to close? maybe both?
so i made the changes below

i lightened the sky to make the other objects more of a silohuette. then i darkened the values on the tanks and side of the barn. then i darkened and simplified the junk under the left hand tanks and make the road wind back around the barn for more of a lead-in to the composition. then, you cant tell, but i added a hint of green (for a little more variety) into the dead tree in the foreground and darkened its trunk. last i did away with the house shape in the background and made a stand of dead tree color to simplify the painting.

as you can see the bottom painting is much improved by lightening the sky and darkening the barn and tanks. the other things just help it even more.

so dont be in such a hurry to paint over a painting that isnt working. try to analyse why its not working (or selling LOL) and make some changes and see if that doesnt help. and remember some will never be saved and make great kindling wood for your fireplaces or outdoor firepits this winter.
Workshop News
my upcoming workshops are Duck on the outer banks, georgetown s.c., Art of the Carolina's in Raleigh, and two days in rocky mount, nc

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Triad on a Table-9x12

Triad on a Table-9x12
email for availability and price
my attempt at some still life. dont mind em if i can do them outside in the sunlight!
next myth to explode: that artists that make their living painting are happy with everything (or most of what they do)
on this one i will in no ways speak for anybody but me on this topic.  
as for me, i'm only completely happy with only a percentage of what i do. a small percentage. now there are different degrees of happy. i say that because i think you rarely hit a homerun on all aspects and problems you were working out on a painting
.then there's the matter of when am i being asked if i like it or not. 9 out of 10 times (on the ones i know arent  complete crap when i finish),  i like em right after i do them. but its funny that as days go by the shine wears off. then heaven forbid they come back around after six months or more. Oh my. some you wonder what you were thinking to even let it leave the studio and hang it somewhere in the first place.
then there's the "wall of shame", i have a place on a wall where paintings i'm working on (that arent going well) hang. i can see them from my couch. they mock me constantly from over there. blasted things!
as far as i can tell there are two schools of thought on what to do with the unsold ones that have been around awhile. one camp says never ever gesso over them, somebody somewhere, at some time in the future might buy it. the other school of thought does the below.
what do i do with the ones i get back that have been around forever and seem to be doomed to be orphans without a good home somewhere besides mine? on the bigger ones i hold up a frame cut out of cardboard looking for smaller paintings i can cut the panel into. hey $75-$100 is better than painting over it or using it for firewood right?
the ones that didnt have 6x8 inches of potential saleability get the electric sander on their face and get gesso for makeup. as i'm painting the gesso on, i have one of two feelings. on a painting you wonder why it didnt sell, the sorrow of watching a good friend leave town for good.
 OR on the ones that you are flat out ashamed of, the joy of watching an ex leave town for good!
ive heard of some artists cathartically having bonfires and burning the paintings that start piling up and becoming pesky bothers to their soul. i'm too cheap to waste the boards, thus my sand/gesso tradition.
would be curious what you guys do with paintings you doubt will ever sell. comment below. we might give each other some new ideas.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

SOLD-Outer Banks Skyline-4x6

caught this sweet little scene heading to manteo last year. lots of atmosphere in the bright sunlight made everything glow!
now to continue the series dispelling myths about painting/painters. Myth: painters get to paint all day, everyday. this is a commonly held belief by many but its just not true. to be in this business there are tons of tasks to be done that take us away from painting. here are just a few.
 travel to and from painting locations/states/galleries we sell in, framing stuff up, calling or running for paint supplies, inventorying work on databases, taking pics of work for publicity purposes, scheduling demos and shows, emails, and on and on. you get the idea. to be honest i spend over half my day doing the marketing side of the business on a good day. some days its all day. some weeks especially when i'm teaching alot, i dont paint but once or twice, except for demos. that has its own inherent problems. sometimes its really inconvenient but i force myself to work in some small painting on super busy days. ever heard the saying "when i go a few days without painting i can tell it in my work. when i go a week without painting the galleries can tell it, and when i go a few weeks without painting the collectors/buyers can tell it! thats definately true. Most of us take bits and pieces of vacations but i dont know many who take a few weeks off, just because it feels so weird (like youre rusty or something) when you start back up again.
so we juggle a ton of non-painting related duties with painting and it all seems to work out. i dont know about anybody else out there, but i dont paint nearly as much as i wish i could (or thought i would when i first started). hey i just had a good idea! anybody wanna be my agent? LOL 
note: again i'll state that i am in no ways complaining. i love my job! just giving a look into the life, thats all. hope you enjoy!

Monday, October 8, 2012

SOLD-Old Galaxy-6x9

this was a breath of fresh air for me. i did this one strictly because it was cool and i wanted to paint it, without a thought about whether it would sell or not. as hard as i try to not let that be a consideration when i'm looking around for something to paint, my mind is always thinking about the financial aspects of painting. need to think about that less and follow my muse more often. i can remember not too long ago, selling paintings of tractor trailers in parking lots and a buildings loading dock.
Workshop Update
ive got a few openings in the Duck/Corolla Outer Banks workshop on Nov. 4-6 and there is room available at the cottage for you to stay as well. email me if you'd like a plein air workshop on a beautiful barrier island in NC (called the Outerbanks)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Paint Box

Dennis Cottages Demo-6x8
Proud to announce my new paintbox/easel set up is now for sale. i took a bunch of them around when i was teaching up north and already sold about a dozen of em. it sets up in about two minutes and is extremely lightweight. ive been using the prototype for several years and love it!
the mixing area is glass with a medium gray color and is a big 12x16. there are two large "wings" that close so you can throw the box in your trunk or back seat without getting paint all over can use the wings for additional paint mixing or as a table to keep stuff on. the panel holder will hold a panel up to 12" high.if you like to paint stretched canvas you can replace the two bolts with ones that are longer. the angle of the paintbox is changeable using the legs of the tripod. it has a money back guarantee (until you put paint in it of course!) Get yours today!

note added on 3/14
I don't offer the photo tripod setup and panel holder anymore. I sell the box and a Napoli tripod easel (which is what I use exclusively)
to attach the box its as easy as putting the first aluminum "z" around the first leg of the tripod
here it is with the other "z" on the box in the 2nd leg of the tripod and let it drop down. if you want less tilt (i prefer the tilt myself) lower the length of the back leg.

here's how the panel holder attaches. lift the latch on the quick release receptacle, put the square piece on the wood panel holder into the square receptacle on the tripod, and push the latch back down to secure it.
so ditch those hard to set up french easels and those heavy and expensive pochade boxes. buy this affordable, time tested paintbox and go out and paint up a storm!

contact me at to purchase

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

SOLD-Overcast Arrival-6x8

a little ditty from maine several weeks ago.
this weeks posts will probably be a little longer than the last several months. ive been out of town alot and i realized my posts were getting a little too generic. thats what happens when youre an itinerant artist trying to make a living up and down the east coast. youre in a different bed every few months (and nights) and the road kinda saps your strength after awhile. not complaining, mind you just tellin' it like it is. so the posts sorta get shorter and shorter and less personal.
folks always tell me in emails that they like the blog because it gives them insight into the inner workings of the art business when youre fulltime and make every dollar for your bills off your art (or your teaching). so for the next few posts, i'll try to make some honest observations about this life.  before i do let me first say that when i write about the frustrations or not so hot things, that i'm in no way complaining about the life just telling the good AND the bad for those that are interested. and i dont want to make this about me so i'll generalize and say that i think most artists making their living doing this will agree with alot of the things i allude to? i'd be interested to hear from everybody and anybody in the comments section!
Todays mythbuster: that making youre living painting is slightly glamorous or romantic
not so. its nerve wracking. we have bills like property taxes, kids in college, you know, all that stuff, but unlike folks that get a weekly check, we dont know if we'll have the painting sales to cover them when they come due. i know i go to the mailbox every few days hoping there's a check in there and not a spider with a full blown web constructed. or if i go to my emails hoping for a love note from Paypal (saying someone bought a little study) but instead there's a note from Microsoft informing me that my friends arent doing anything interesting, i get nervous.
if i think too hard on this fact i get scared. so i dont think about it, i go paint instead, or make a few calls about business, or make a to-do list. something, anything to be doing something that has to do with the business. its like, if i think about how sketchy this all is, i'll fall off the high wire i'm i really try hard to not think of it. you know how they say "dont look down!" when youre way up high and scared? same thing.
but yes, it is a cool lifestyle full of adventures, intrinsic benefits, and the risks (butterflies in your stomach) make the sale of a painting more than the sale of a painting. its a celebration that you went and did what you do, even tho you were worried about surviving. and someone who was equally worried about surviving (and eating) thought enough about the painting you did to give up a piece of their security (dollars).they wanted it bad enough to want to own it and take it home and because of that i get to paint again next week! how cool is that?
tomorrows myth to be dispelled- that painters get to paint all day, every day. i cant wait!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

SOLD-Floating Toys-6x8

a nice little cape body of water. like the shapes in this one. when i grow up i wanna be a shape painter!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

$100-Sundowner in Maine-6x8

email me to purchase
this takes me back to my excursion into maine a few weeks ago. there was this cool little harbor that just lit up in the evenings. had some ferocious "blonde" misquitos. theyre not black like usual but a very dirty blonde color. theyre not to be outdone by their darker cousins. they'll make you swat and exclaim loudly the whole time youre painting!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SOLD-Rock Harbor Boats-6x8

NOTE: Sailing Away-6x8 (september 2nd post) just became available again. it was sold but they traded it for another.
an early morning view of some boats in rock harbor, orleans cape cod. wish i knew what i did to make the green boat look so authentic. i would do it more if i did LOL

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sold-Jills View-6x8

painted this off the bridge of a boat owned by jill and jim (my host family) in conneticut where i taught a few days ago. this is a sailboat on the conneticut river near lyme. thanks jill and jim for your hospitality!

just wrapped up two days with some great painters from the Delmarva peninsula in chestertown maryland. here's about half of them capturing the early morning light on eastern neck wildlife preserve. we had a wide range of painting experience from beginners, to one painter who taught painting herself in the area. its fun and challenging to see if i can keep all parties engaged without going over some heads or boring others where i'm making it too simplistic. i learn alot from all of my students everytime i teach. i'm headed to rehoboth beach delaware next. thanks to lani and dan my hosts in chestertown!