Monday, August 26, 2013

i know.... i'm slack

haven't been posting, i know. been painting up a storm tho'. just cant stop long enough to download pics off the camera and then blog.
i will soon promise!

do want to announce that all the work is done for the Rowley Gallery show i'm having. the opening party is sunday September 1st from 5-7

if youre in Orleans then please come by. there will music from my buddy tim Sweeney and his band Fringe, playing boomer rock, wine, you name it. and oh yeah! about 13 new paintings ive been working on since i arrived on the cape august 1st!

this year has been a booming year for painting sales up here and i'm grateful to all the people that allow me to do what i love. biggest shout out for that is of course my lovely wife Annette who sacrifices so much to let me leave the state several times a year to work. i couldn't do it without her, or my gallery owners, who go to great lengths to make sure they promote me to their collectors. let me tell you....planning and coordination of these events is an enormous undertaking and costs a few bucks! then there are the collectors who buy my work. without them i'd have to go to work for walmart, right?

leaving for maine tomorrow to teach a Mentoring Workshop for students who've taken one of my other workshops. it'll be an eat,sleep, dream, painting, trip. total immersion experience.

there are also a few slots for the Falmouth Massachusetts workshop coming when i get back from maine. see the right sidebar for dates. let me know if you want to attend and i'll contact the sponsor.

look out for paintings from maine in the next few days!

Monday, August 12, 2013

SOLD-Morning at Stage Harbor-6x8

went painting yesterday with my painting bud Chris Gillis. we love the same kind of scenes and paint at the same speed (the very definition of a great painting bud!) check out his website here

Cape Cod Boathouse-16x20

a new painting headed to the upcoming show of my new work at Rowley Gallery Orleans Cape Cod. September 1st is the opening reception.

anybody who knows what a green head is knows what I'm saying when I say, "they were hungry for some mike" the day I painted this one. I still have welts from em!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

$100-Rock Harbor Light in the Afternoon-6x8

$100 plus $10 s/h
to purchase with PayPal or credit card click the "buy now" button below

on the cape painting away! this is one of the places I go to get "centered" when I first arrive. after moving my whole house to another, and traveling to Massachusetts (a two day drive from NC) it was almost a week I went without painting. I could feel my painting mojo slipping away. first afternoon on the cape I ran to a familiar site and comfortable subject to ease back into the water with. Painter Carole Marine (google carole marine blog) paints apples when she needs to build confidence. I paint boats and docks.