Friday, June 29, 2012

$100-Atlantic Daydreamin'-6x8

$100 plus $10 s/h
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from the coastal town called Atlantic. its some of the best downeast coastal painting territory known to man! two miles north of nowhere and chock full of painting subjects.
one my new tricks. when the paintings "finished" turn the thing upside down to catch weird shapes or tangents, colors that arent working etc. turning it upside down is the same thing as looking at it in a mirror which i'm sure youve heard before, gives you a new perspective so you can see things that you'd otherwise miss. staring at something for several hours keeps you from "seeing" the mistakes others will undoubtedly show you in front of a crowd of people after its hanging up. OUCH! hehehe
headed out to a harmonica gig tonite (and tomorrow night) after a satisfying week of painting. now thats living the life. happy weekend everybody!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

SOLD-Marsh Early Morning Fog-5x7

one from the outer banks near manteo. the fog was just starting to lift giving the sky the sunny atmospheric glow and coolish hues. the reflection was phenomenal and made it clear to me that there's a Creator and He has the ultimate palette to paint sunrises with.

I'll be at the Coral Bay Beach Club in Atlantic Beach showing new work this coming sunday if youre around come see me.

New Workshops scheduled!
Loose and Colorful (3 day)-Georgetown SC-October
Loose and Colorful and Acrylic 101-Rehoboth Beach, Delaware- see sidebar (Upcoming Workshops) to right for dates
Cape Cod Underpainting-Binders in Atlanta-Oct 5 and 6

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Not Dead, Really!

Quiet Afternoon in Sneads Ferry-6x8 
$100 plus $10 s/h
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Got It All- 8x10
now at Down Creek Gallery on Ocracoke

contrary to popular belief i am not deceased. i dont often go this long without posting without indeed being dead but this was a crazy two weeks of painting for galleries in far flung places. after painting in less than ideal weather on the island of ocracoke i left for charleston to paint for my new gallery, Hamlet Gallery, on famed Broad St. on gallery row. i'm so excited to have a dealer in the Holy City (named that for its over two dozen steeples in just the downtown area) and ive nicknamed it Chucktown. beautiful city, and people.

ive painted down there since i started this fulltime gig and never had anywhere to sell the charleston stuff. i always sold it back in nc, or online tho' but its a very hard market to break into but i persisted and kept going back. then one of my students in key west suggested i contact Hamlet and the rest is history as they say. now i can paint down there knowing that it will stay in the area and always give me a reason to go back and paint chucktown again and again.

on the way i met the most beautiful people in georgetown sc and betsy havens and jim calk invited me to be their guest for a few days. they have a lovely home on front st. (right on the waterfront) and are wonderful artists also showing in charleston, at Sylvan Gallery. they are treasured friends now and i want to thank them for giving a gypsy artist a bed and a meal while he was pounding the pavement trying to make a living! thanks y'all.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

SOLD-Cart Path-8x6


you think your studio is small. ha! mine this week is 8 foot wide and 6 foot long. the front of a little camper i'm staying in on this painting trip. just big enough for the tripod/paint box, guitar, and a place for me to sit. the week has been overcast and drizzly all but a few hours yesterday afternoon so i've been doing some cloudy day paintings of boats and working in my camper studio for the past several days. the misquitos are outrageous here! Man i saw one misquito biting another in midair     :D
of course i take time off from swatting at them every now and then to play myself a song!
i used the bastardized version of the cape cod school technique on this one. blues and purples in the shadowy sections and yellows reds and oranges in the sunlit portions. adds a nice spark of color to an otherwise green scene of the cart paths that traverse Bald Head Island.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SOLD-Ocracoke Light-6x6

from the quaint little village of ocracoke on the southern tip of the Outerbanks. found this little scene after riding the bike around scouting locations for when the sun appears in a day or two. i hate it when i go on a painting trip far from home and the weather goes to crap. hopefully shadows will start appearing soon! life is so much better when the sun is shining!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Glimpse-6x8

Summer Glimpse-6x8
 soon to be at the Rowley Gallery on Cape Cod. for price and availability email me

i'm on cloud nine. jeeeez! i was stunned several months ago when Liz at Rowley  Gallery (my art dealer on Cape Cod) called saying that a writer would be calling to interview me for an article they were doing on me for the Arts edition of Cape Cod Life. its amazing that i would get in that magazine period! imagine my surprise when i found out the employees of the magazine vote on whose art they want on the cover and they picked mine! The Arts edition. really? Is God good or what. i gotta thank Liz for telling them about me in the first place. Please please come to our gallery in Orleans if youre ever on the cape. its full of wonderful artists and paintings. i'll be up there soon painting again, i cant wait!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sold-Lloyds Boatyard-6x6

a little ditty from my elizabeth city trip
have found a way to overcome the cloudy gray day painting blues! pump up the color. take whats out there and overemphasize it. above is my first attempt. i like it very much. of course everything was much grayer and subdued than what i painted.
 i live just a mile north of reality anyway. why not a mile and a half on rainy overcast days?

Friday, June 1, 2012

SOLD-River Dream-6x8

SOLD- a little ditty done in the backyard of some new friends

the workshop in elizabeth city went great yesterday. tropical storm beryl left the night before leaving clear skies, sun, and beautiful light for us to paint outside in. i have a great class of students who are stoked about painting and are having a blast, many painting outside for the very first time. i know for a fact that plein air painting is very difficult to say the least. i mean, ALL of nature is rushing at you out there, you want to include this and this and this, its all so cool. add on top of that that youre looking at thousands if not hundreds of thousands of colors and values firsthand. no photo to make it all 2 dimensional and average the colors and values for you. kinda of the difference between old tv and high definition! add onto that the fact bugs and bugs(tourists that wont leave you alone) and possibly wind, clouds moving in and out (blocking the sun and changing the scene every ten minutes), and on and on. needless to say it can be overwhelming to all but the most experienced. i'm proud of all the students i've had this past winter and spring/early summer who have braved the elements to go outside and paint the "up close and personal" beauty of nature and catch the reality they see while ignoring the distractions. thats real focus and dedication!