Sunday, May 31, 2009

Marsh Ablaze-SOLD

Wow. i sure missed painting everyday this week. i did an 8x8 this morning and spent the afternoon kiteboarding and then saw this sunset on the way home. had to paint it! this sunset was painted minutes before a huge storm came from a few miles from the north.

thanks to all who have left comments and emails encouraging me during the closing of the homeless shelter. it meant alot to me.

means i'll have more time to paint and blather on here LOL

dont forget the morehead city workshop starts tomorrow at 9 am. we'll meet at the Carolina Artist Studio Gallery for three days of plein air instruction. price is $220 for all three days or $100 for each day for less than three.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Deadline for Mondays Workshop-NODP

*note---NODP is the code to not post this photo on Daily Painters Gallery
Previous Morehead/Atlantic Beach Workshop in progress

Tomorrow at midnite is the deadline for emailing me for this Mondays three day plein air painting workshop.

the class is in Morehead City and we'll cover how to plein air paint loose and colorfully. if you want to stop by and take a few days, its $95 per day and you can take one, two or all three (three days is only $225)

We'll paint at a few scenic places i know around Morehead and Atlantic Beach and i guarantee i'll take the mystery out of plein air painting for you.

theyre saying the sun will be out most of the time and we have a classroom should it rain.

come join us if youre in the neighborhood.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Life Getting in the Way

sorry to not be posting this week but i've had to be busy closing the christian homeless shelter i started and ran for 13 years. a variety of reasons came up and in combination was like the "perfect storm" that was like three deadly storms combining out in the ocean that would wipeout anything in its path.
the combination of economic issues, personell problems, and other issues in combo delivered City Mission the knockout punch.
please bear with me until i shut the stores and the shelter and get all the legal mess behind me and i'll be back in a few more days posting paintings and blathering on like usual.
and if youre a prayer please put me on your list ....

Monday, May 25, 2009

DVD Sale-nodp

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Two-Fer Sale- these two DVD's for $24.99 plus $8 shippping. catch is the boat painting DVD wont play on a dvd burner but will play on any other dvd burner. so you get two dvds for the price of one just because one wont play on a burner. for most folks like me we dont even know what a dvd burner is LOL
to purchase click the "buy now" button below and i'll get em out to you pronto.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pivers Island Marina-8x10

This ones at Vision Gallery and wont be sold until the day of the show (late June)

Found a new marina today while out driving down dead end roads and hugging the edge of the water trying to find painting stuff. i like this place and see lots of paintings there. i'll be back there next week. it has good parking and not many tourists. a dream spot!

Not for sale until opening night of my upcoming show in june at Vision Gallery in Atlantic Beach.
check my right side bar for the date
i'm furiously painting to get ready for the upcoming show and have been scouring Atlantic Beach/Beaufort and Morehead City for subject matter.
i really like the ground on this bottom one. i took a knife and scraped it on and it really did the trick adding tons of light to this painting. a knife is a very valuable tool and adds just the right amount of looseness to look like a dusty dirt road.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cottage Aglow-SOLD

Hatteras living at its best. this is from the "old cottage" neighborhood on the outer banks. the way the grass and side of the cottage lit up in the late spring sun contrasted with the cool cottage and grass shapes. i couldnt resist painting this one.

In other news, i have decided to close the homeless shelter i ran in goldsboro since 1996. a variety of reasons prompted the decision but i felt like the decision was just as sound as the one to open it, way back when. many men were blessed over the years, with a place to live and also to hear the gospel. you have to know when something is to end, just as much as when to start. it is sad tho'. i devoted almost 13 years to running this shelter and will miss (certain parts) of it for the rest of my life. Goodby City Mission.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ferry Ride for Two-6x6-SOLD

One from the ferry leaving Hatteras headed back to Ocracoke Island from a week ago. thats my "bessie".... the white truck with the camper shell in the front. she pops up in lots of my paintings!

Liked the sun on half the figures and line of cars and had to paint it!

Yellow Anchorage- 8x10

contact me if you like this one

From Ocracoke, late evening just before the sun went down. there's never a shortage of sailboats in Silver Lake on the waterfront.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bridge to Beaufort-SOLD

Here's one that was a real challenge. the day started out sunny and cloudless in the charming coastal town of Beaufort NC. Halfway thru the sun went behind some clouds and then it was gone. when this happens you have to decide what lighting effect you'll finish it out with. i decided to go with the overcast effect. i like the way it came out and looks just like it did from my spot on a pier, in front of the Beaufort Inn.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oyster Beds, Mr. Lyles-SOLD

The above painting is another workup for a larger painting to come.

Skiff, Early Morning- 16x20
Contact me if you'd like to purchase this one

Here's the larger piece done from the small warm-up from yesterday. you can even match colors or change them holding the little piece there in your hand.

kept this one really loose by knifing in the large shapes and holding the back of large brushes. i made sure i stayed away from small brushes, mixed lots of medium in with BIG piles of paint. the medium makes things glide around alot better. this has always been my problem painting big, the paint changes ease of application. adding the medium in varying degrees gets rid of that problem.

Does it look loose, and have the "juice" and spontaneous look i was hoping for? Leave me a comment below. thanks

Soon to Work-4x5-$45

$8 s/h
to purchase instantly click the "buy now" button to pay with PayPal or credit card or be the first to email me with the title in the subject line

Doing this one in preparation of a 16x20. doing it loose and small before hand gets the design ingrained in your brain so when youre slinging the larger brushes you dont have to think as much. you worked all that out on the smaller one.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tidal Pool and House-SOLD

A little ditty after my plein air setup tumbled into the high grass surrounding this tidal pool. i love the way the houses look so natural buried in the outer banks landscape. so organic looking. i dont know anything about architecture but i'm sure they design the houses to blend into their environment.
the lighting effect here was slightly over cast and very late in the day lit slightly from the far right. the front of the house in kind of three-quarter lit so you have to keep it in the shadow family but not too dark to capture the exact effect the light gives that form. this analysis and trying to capture the effect and describe form with pigment floating around in linseed oil is what keeps us painters humble. as for me....i'm rarely satisfied with my efforts to do it properly. so i go out the next day to try again, and then the next day to try again.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

At the End of the Path-SOLD

Alright its time for a TESTIMONY! Can i hear an Amen! Amen! (insert sounds of shouting and rejoicing here!)
Bessie the truck made breaking down noises all the way from Cedar Island and i thought... i'm in the clear.... maybe ive worried for about 3 1/2 hours down the road, noisy but rolling! Got a few miles from my house and had to stop at a stop light. all four gears were stripped and wouldnt go into gear. i eased her into a roll (miraculously--mustve been on a slight downgrade) got her into fifth and she noisily made the other few miles. caught every green light right and coasted into my yard where she died. now if that aint God, i dont know what it is! she literally died in my yard.
hopefully the mechanic can put a newer tranny in her tomorrow so i can teach a raleigh workshop. if not there will be a lot of pissed off people saturday morning at jerrys artarama!
This is the painting where the guy made me move off the shoulder of the road and dumped my stuff in the marsh grass. lost some important painting tools. good thing i'll be at the art supply store to pick up a palette knive. i'll have to make me another "drawing brush", nothing more than an old filbert whittled down into a fine pointed triangle shape. fantastic for drawing, er scrubbing in the big shapes of the underpainting and can be used to put in tiny strokes for absolutely necessary details (which i try never to do!)

Summer Place- 8x10

contact me if you like this one

the lady that lives in this cottage just moved to ocracoke from alaska. thats quite a transition isnt it! she said she visited once and fell in love with the place, packed up her things and moved. just wait till her first hurricane. she'll wish she was in the frozen tundra again!

At the suggestion of my friend Shawn, who runs Woods Gallery on Bald Head Island (and one heck of a painter!) , i tried some new paint from Gamblin called the Radiant series. i added radiant blue and radiant violet to my palette to try it out. i really really like the blue and will probably keep it. now i have three and sometimes four blues on there. the violet is ok but i feel like i can make it with my cobalt violet and white, so i'll probably use up this tube and wont get another one. but the blue is sweet! just the right middle temperature between (warm)cereulean blue and (cool) ultramarine blue. has a nice glow to it too! if you paint give it a try, i think you'll like it.

Here's what my commute home on the ferry looked like, going back to Ocracoke Island from Hatteras Island after "work" a few days ago

Hey....Its a tough job but somebodies gotta do it. might as well be me! LOL

And yes Doug H. i had Buffalo Shrimp at Howards Pub. they need to get some Red Bull in there and then i'll give the place the 5 stars it rightly deserves!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Waters Edge-SOLD

Here's a cool little boat i saw while trying to find some places to paint.

Island Access- 8x10
$275 unframed

contact me by email if you're interested in this one

This is from the island of Ocracoke right where the ferrys come in. in fact thats the ferry ramp in the background. i've done this house before and liked it so much i came back. painted it from a different angle this go round.

Have had some wild things happen on this trip. the truck sounds like its about to blow up. i was moving out of the road where i was painting tomorrows blog post and my easel fell in the swampy marsh. lost a palette knife, and my favorite "drawing"brush. this brush started out as a filbert and was scrubbed down to a triangle shape that was great for drawing in the big shapes.

The guy in the truck that made me move just looked at me like "thats what you get for being in the road painting!" i got a little perturbed at him going back and forth, back and forth. but he lives here and i dont, so i had to let it go. painting came out unscathed thank goodness.

Dropped off new paintings to Pea Island Gallery in Salvo and painted around there some. got back to the place i'm staying and little sweet ants had found their way into all my food in the cabinets. now theyre everywhere looking for some more. ants, ants ants. theyre even coming out of my keyboard while i'm typing this! Jeez!

luckily with all this going on the painting is going fine. i'm leaving a day or two early to get old bessie the truck fixed before i have to drive to raleigh to teach saturday. hope i make it to topsail beach without breaking down. its pretty desolate in some places. wish me luck!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Last Light in the Fields-SOLD

Did this Mother's Day afternoon. the sun was beautiful as it began to set, so i drove around and went down a dead end road and saw this beauty.

i left this morning for Ocracoke Island and Hatteras Island. i'll be painting here all week and traveling to raleigh to hold my Jerrys Artarama workshop on Saturday.
Poor Bessie (my pickup truck) with close to 340ooo miles is starting to make terrible noises but she's got to get me home, before she can get worked on. nothing worse than breaking down out of town. especially with a busy painting and teaching schedule. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that she can hold out 7 more days before going in the garage. might have to be looking for another dependable ride real soon. hope Bessie didnt hear that... LOL

Recent Gallery Changes

I'm pleased to announce that i've had some recent changes in my gallery representation.

i'm sad to say that i will no longer be at Topsail Gallery in Surf City, Gaskins Gallery in Avon, or New Elements in Wilmington after many years of friendship and painting sales. i wish all these galleries the best. they were very good to me and i appreciate all they did to help me sell paintings.

i'm very pleased that i'll now be represented in Wilmington by Fountainside Gallery and i invite all my friends and collectors to visit the gallery to see some new work i just dropped off. i'm also represented by a new gallery on Hatteras Island (the Outer Banks) called Road's End Gallery. and lastly i'll have new work in the new Morris Whiteside Summer Catalogue in a few weeks.

Gallery relationships are much like any other relationship. Sorrow over ones that must change for different reasons and excitement over the new relationships for their new opportunities and possibilities. the one thing constant in life is change. its not good or bad, it just is.

i'll have links to my new galleries on my right sidebar, once they get my stuff up on their websites.

'09's gonna rock!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Close to Nirvana-8x8-unframed $275

$8 s/h
to purchase instantly click the "buy now" button to pay with PayPal or credit card or be the first to email with the title in the subject line

Today i'm going to do a demo explaining how i begin a painting, all the way to completion.

My first steps are to draw the large masses like the winding road, the field to the right, the sky, and the dark trees. i then put cool paint (blues, purples, blood red) on all the shadow masses. then i put warm paint (yellow, orange, pink) on all the masses getting that mornings warm sun. at this stage it looks kinda weird because you might have orange trees, and pink sky.

cant let that weird you out. you have to ignore it sorta.

Here i've put somewhat realistic colors over the underpainting. this method works so well for me whether i'm indoors or out. i love the variety of temperatures and values it gives each shape and the pure color underneath each shape affects it in a very subtle way. you have to see this one in person! there's so much rich color that the computer monitor cant pick up. it quite simply glows. wow... thats what monet and sorolla were after too. its a painters "nirvana".

how do you like my little painting gizmo? it clips to my easel which is a piece of pegboard on a studio easel. the piece of wood on top holds the smaller pieces nice and tight with that bulldog clip. i can take it down off the easel as its shown and move it around to photograph if i want. all without touching the painting.... even on the sides. sweet!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Huge '07 and '08 STUDIO SALE
This is the biggest painting size i've posted during this sale! WOW a 12x16 for $75... iNsAnE!
i love this old caddy chillin for the last 35 years on this lawn. and a ragtop at that. this was on the way back from painting in the outer banks. i think its near Columbia?
i was driving around looking for just this type of scene. it brings back nostalgic feelings in everybody who's seen it.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blue and Green Glass-big 8x10-$50

Free Shipping
to purchase instantly click the "buy now" button below to pay with PayPal or credit card or be the first to email me with the title in the subject line

'07 and '08 STUDIO SALE
These larger/older paintings are priced like a small '09 daily paintings. so that's a great deal but its a limited offer and ends soon. get em while they last!

This is another painting using the cape cod school technique of underpainting. was fun describing the light in this painting of a blue vase and a green piece of glass. i really like the way the light glows out from the warm/light shapes. thats why i like the hensche/hawthorne technique so much. i love doing glass because its fun to describe the form in subtle temperature/value changes.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Amber Glass Bowl-big 8x10-SOLD

'07 and 'o8 STUDIO SALE
These paintings have been hanging around in my studio too long and want new homes. these 8x10's are priced at '09 6x6 prices. and shippings free too!

these (of course) sold for much more than this in '07 and '08 right?! my 8x10's in '09 are selling framed for $350.

theyre not dated so...... what a steal! get 'em while they last.

This was a classic "cape cod underpainting" style painting of a cool glass bowl, done plein air in the sun. computer monitors cant capture the subtle temperature shifts you'll see in the different areas of the glass and shadow. i especially like the little reflection in the shadow, where it looks prismatic! that was fun to capture!

Looks like my painting trip to Cape Cod is developing. looks like i'll be leaving the 16th of August. i've been wanting to paint there since i started plein air painting and it looks like its going to happen very soon. i cant wait to paint in provincetown... hensche, hawthorne, sovek, gruppe the list goes on and on. i'ms sooooo stoked!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Painting Clairvoyant-SOLD

'07 and '08 STUDIO SALE

Here's a 10x8 from last year priced like an '09 small daily painting. this deal will be over soon so get em while you can. this is my studio painting palette. its glass where i mix the paint and the jar is medium i sometimes mix with the paint on larger paintings. thus the pun... painting medium= clairvoyant. ok... its a stretch.

Painted a few today from studies i did on ocracoke, but theyre so much like the studies that i wont be posting them. i've sold quite a few from the ones i did there, and another gallery wants a few of them to sell so i was repainting some. not nearly as exciting as being out in the field doing them for the first time, but hey a guys gotta eat! and buy kiteboarding gear! LOL

i'm gonna have to go back to ocracoke soon and do some more for Down Creek Gallery and the one on Hatteras Island. waiting for some better weather before making that long trip so i can maximize painting time.

Here's another one i finished up today.... Meredith College, an all girls school in Raleigh NC. i painted it plein air about a month ago to about 95% completion. i like to do the cars in the studio if at all possible. thats what i had to do today to get this ready to go to Art Source in Raleigh for graduation time sales.

Meredith College- 9x12

contact me if you would like to purchase this

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Salt Pile-big 8x10-$50

Free Shipping

to purchase click the 'buy now' button below to pay instantly with PayPal or credit card or be the first to email me with the title in the subject line

'07 and '08 Studio Sale

Buy these older/larger paintings for the price of smaller/newer ones. Limited Time Only!

These are two fuel tanks for the ships in the port of Wilmington NC. the white pile in front of them is raw salt that will be processed into table salt, probably for Mortons Salt. i loved the late afternoon light on the monsterous, rusty cylinders. i thought it was cool, so i painted it. thats what i do.....

except today..... this is what i was doing. Kiteboarding! i'll paint tonight to make up for goofing off during the day.

High Flying!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Plum Reflections-SOLD


More from the floors of my studio where these larger and older paintings have been living. but theyve asked for new homes where they'll be appreciated and not shifted about from pile to pile. these 8x10's are priced like my much smaller newer paintings so they're a deal and a half!

Wanted to paint this one because of the warm reflected light up under the eaves. i kinda like the slightly abstracted nature of it and its really warm in color. i like warm!

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Causeway- 12x12-SOLD

Commissioned piece-NFS

This ones from one of my favorite vantage points, overlooking the Atlantic Beach causeway. glimmering water, huge impressive structure and little cars going over from morehead city to the "promised land" (read Beach!)
whats not to love?!

i'm really happy how this one came out, especially like the blue sky peeking thru on the top of the painting.

I'll be doing a free demo tomorrow in Raleigh at Jerry's Artarama from 1-4. if you'd like to see how i start a painting come on by. i'd love to meet you. its on old wake forest road at the shopping center at the 440 beltline/old wake forest exit. hope to see you there if you live near the capital city.