Saturday, May 31, 2008

Living on the Edge- 8x10-SOLD

the more i do the block-in with a brush and then knife the topcoat the more i see its potential. i scrape all the block-in color off and start with all new mixtures made a different way (using different color mixtures) thats pretty close to the original shape's color. this gives you plenty of variety in every shape and makes it very interesting and of course being knifed, textural. click on the image and it'll go bigger and you can see the thick paint.

these houses, i'm doing lately, are only a few storms away from being taken out to sea. the water already runs under them on high tide during storms. they look to be circa 50's-60's so somebody got their moneys worth if they fall in the ocean tonight. hope they last for years tho'. i absolutely love painting in this old neighborhood of beach cottages.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Forgotten But Not Gone- 8x10

Available- email me at
if you want this for your wall

did this one today on smith creek. this old swing bridge was probably heavily trafficked in its day. but now with all the high tech on ramps and new roads into wilmington these days, rarely does it see a car. i was there two hours and dont remember but one or two going across. these old bridges will be torn down, one by one. pieces of transportation history caught in paint for all eternity by yours truly! hope it makes you smile.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

OOPS Show News

OOPS, the plein air painting club in Onslow County is showing a major exhibit of plein air work at the Arts Council in Jacksonville starting this saturday. check out the details by clicking HERE. i know you'll enjoy it!

Wilmington Waterfront- 6x8


i have always loved to paint backlit scenes and when i saw just the tops of the boats and the green tin roofs lit up i had to paint it!
the colors were clean and clear, near 10 am. no humidity to gray things out.
small formats make you edit things down to the bare minimum and there's a freshness to em you cant get except plein air and small. probably why it sold so quick. i like the feeling of light in this one. wish i had done it a little bigger tho'!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

YouTube Demo of knife painting

check out my Jerrys Artarama Mini-Lesson on knife painting on YouTube!

feel free to leave a comment by clicking the comment icon below or email me (look at top of sidebar to the right)
let me know if you like it and want to see more video on this blog.


$49 + $11 s/h in u.s.
contact me at if you'd like it
heres another from the beach road genre. i love the way stuff looks kind of abstract but it is still realistic and recognizable. the block in was with brush, the palette was scraped off and cleaned, new color mixed to go over the blockin, and then knifed in.
the knife is a great tool for loose, realistic looking foliage and to make multiple shapes in differing colors (but same value and color family) within shapes. not to mention the great texture and thick paint! (click on the pic to see it up close)
painting 6x8's with a T1 (small trowel tip knife) is a great way to hone your skills. if you can do them this small think how easy a larger one would be.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Street Shapes- 12x9

contact me if you like this one at

my lightweight pochade box setup is working like a dream. i can put everything in my backpack and walk all around wilmington without having tons of gear to carry, or having to go back to the truck every painting. so i'm getting some off the beaten path scenes of downtown wilmington that i'm enjoying.
my show at New Elements is coming up the end of june and alot of these scenes will be in it (unless somebody MUST have it before, of course!)

this is brush/palette knife as most of my paintings are now.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Free Painting Giveaway winner is.....

thanks to everyone that entered the free painting giveaway contest. sabrina in raleigh is the winner. congratulations!
for all of you that didnt win, keep watching this month for your next chance to win again!
Behind Everetts Seafood-6x8

heres how "behind everetts seafood" looked during the block in part of the painting. this is what i mean by getting scared at what it looks like before the painting is finished. if you do it right it should look very abstract and "scary" until the last third of the painting process. wow! you really have to have nerves of steel to keep going.

OMG! it scares me now to look at this . notice how nothing but the very large shapes are blocked in. thats why it doesnt look like anything yet. but as you break shapes into smaller shapes with realistic color, the more it looks recognizable.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Auction is Over

the winning bid for "behind fishermans village" was $30. congratulations connie in gaithersburg, maryland. i'll be in touch with the address you can send the check to, and the painting will go out right after that.

i will pick out of the hat the winner of the giveaway painting tomorrow. good luck to all who entered the contest. good luck! the giveaway is 3rd and Red Cross St. (image a few posts below)

had the last workshop of the spring 08 season today in jacksonville. we all had a good time and the weather cooperated and the sun came out and the rain stopped so we could paint outside.

thanks to all the folks who took workshops with me this spring. we had a good time learning how to capture a three dimensional image on a two dimensional canvas. easier said than done right? See all my students in the fall. have a great summer!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Last Day to Bid on Behind Fishermans Village

Any bid over $28 could win this marsh painting. the auction is over tomorrow. its 4.5"x12"
shipping valued at $11 is included free.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Today is Free Painting Give-Away Day!

3rd and Red Cross St.-6x8

Did this little urban gem the other day. i liked the economy of brushstrokes on a complicated scene. simple and clean.
to win, you have till sunday to email me your mailing address at to win this free painting! Be sure to put 'free painting' in the subject line. if its not there and i dont recognize your name or email address, i wont open it (afraid of viruses)

Even the shipping is free!
High bid on Marsh Afternoon is $28. a bid of a few dollars more will make it yours! the auction is over this weekend.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tempting Fate- 6x9-oil on c.b.

High bid for Marsh Afternoon is $28 from Toronto, Canada outbidding B.D. in new bern, nc.
you can see it a few posts below. auction ends friday
Tempting Fate-6x8

this has the economy of strokes that i'm trying hard to train myself to do subconciously. put a brushstroke down simply and then "leave it alone"

its when you go over that stroke again that things get blurred and it doesnt look like you meant it!

Thought this title was perfect for the little cottage perched on a fragile dune staring down future hurricanes and high tides!

  • remember to keep checking for the free painting giveaway day. even the shipping is free

Skiff and Yellow Rope-6x8 oil on c.b.

$49. + $11 shipping in u.s.
email to purchase

i really like the dock on this one. they're hard to paint and i think this one came out well. hopefully i'll remember how it did it on the next big one i do. this one might make it to the big screen (canvas).

  • remember to keep checking the blog for the free painting giveaway day. not today but soon!
  • the dollar auction is still on see posts below to see the painting and details on how to bid a dollar on a painting and win!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Marsh Afternoon and Pochade Pics

dont forget the $1 auction on the painting posted yesterday (below this post) there are no bids so $5 could take it....(free shipping in u.s. for winning bid over $10)

also dont forget that i'm giving away a painting this month. watch the blog regularly for the day to enter. todays not the day. soon. very soon. even the shipping is free!

i promised you all a photo of my homemade lightweight pochade kit. its made out of a small cigar box (around 6"x8"). above i show where i attached a camera tripod mount to the top, not the bottom of the box. it rocks too much if you attach it to the bottom, i found. once you click the lid to the tripod heres what it looks like. i put plexiglass in the bottom of the box for a palette after i stain the bottom of the box magenta (same color i tone my canvases with when i paint. that way i'm comparing apples for apples when i'm mixing colors). this set up is really good in the wind because its low profile and small, not much to blow. the pochade fits in my backpack and the tripod straps onto the outside of it. the way i constructed this thing.... it will close and carry the wet painting back inside the box without getting messed up. how cool is that?

Marsh Afternoon- 6x8-oil on canvas board

Available- $49 + $11 s/h in the u.s.

First come first served, by emailing me at

with title in subject line

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Behind Holt Seafood- 6x8

$75 + free shipping in the u.s.
first to email gets this one
be sure to put title in subject line!

I love snooping around behind buildings near the water. thats where you get scenes like this. i just made a homemade pochade painting box that is so light, its a dream to paint with. ive been struggling with the flue but went out today to test drive the new pochade box and the sun on this boat just had to be painted. i felt better when i finished this one and like the way it came out. been working on simplifying things the last several paintings and i need to do it on EVERY one.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Blog Auction Details-How to Bid, etc.

when you see a painting up for auction this is.....

How my blog auction works-

1. email with your high bid for the auction painting
2. put the name of the painting or 'auction' in the Subject line. i wont open email without it!
3. i'll post the high bid regularly on the blog so you know what you have to beat
4. the highest bid at midnite, on the day the auction ends, will win
5. i'll email the winner when the bidding ends and mail the painting after i recieve the check
6. shipping is free for all paintings over $20 in the u.s. I add $10 shipping out of u.s.
7. the bidding starts at only $1.00

Good Luck!

And the Winners Are.....

Wanchese Sunset- 6x12- S.L. in raleigh, nc for $72.00
Sky at Dusk-6x6- KP in raleigh for $40

way to go you two! i'll ship these to you right away.

thanks to all who bid. it was fun, and scary to start the bidding at $1.

another $1 auction will start first of the week. have a great weekend. its beautiful outside today.... i'm headed out to paint. yeeeehhhhhaaaaaa

Friday, May 16, 2008

Last Update on Auctions- friday 16th at 9:30 pm

Wanchese Sunset- 6x12 SOLD

Sky at Dusk-6x6 SOLD

A Day in the Life

High bid for Wanchese Sunset is $60 from R. in NC. todays the last day of bidding. i'll post one more update tonite and the highest bidder when i check emails tomorrow morning will win. shippings free too!

Send a blind bid on Sky at Sunset. same procedure as above will apply.

i was checking out frank gardners blog yesterday and he had posted what his average day was like. i loved it. it gives others a glimpse into the life of a working artist, and is as intriguing as looking at one anothers studios. i wanted to participate too and he "tagged" me. tagging is like saying you'll do one and pick two others, and they do it tagging two more, here it is along with a few photos for context.
This is a shot of my living room/studio. i had the studio in a separate room, but recently pared it down and moved it into my living space. Much better and i tend to keep it a little cleaner between jobs since i have to look at it all the time.

since i have two kinds of days depending on the weather i'll describe them both. i always paint outside on days when its not raining and mostly market my work, deliver paintings, and paint studio paintings from my plein air studies (and my photos) when its raining. so i'll put S for sunny day scenario and R for raining.

Wake up around 7 or 8 as late as 10 ( i hate clocks, watches, etc.) i get up when i'm rested and i always read my Oswald Chambers devotional for that day (for about 10 min) Here's a shot of my pickup truck. inside i have a painting holder (shown on the right) that keeps wet paintings from touching. the space where the yellow toolbox is holds those big clear storage containers filled with paint, more canvas boards, extra brushes, etc.

First half of the day until noon:

S- get on the internet check emails and look at the site to see what the satellite image looks like and whats heading my way. this helps me decide whether to keep the trip short or if i can drive an hour away to spend the day painting.

R- check email, internet, weather, breakfast then come back and do marketing stuff ie. write to organizations about sponsoring a workshop of mine, emailing galleries to keep my name forefront in their minds and not forget about me (this helps sales since youre always on their mind. Squeeky (sp) wheel gets the grease right? email former students to touch base with them so when a new class comes around they'll remember you. i usually have those tv court shows playing in the background. you can multi-task them both without distraction LOL, enter paintings on database, and take digital of everything i did in the last couple of days. work on the blog (i try to post everyday, if not every other)


S- i should have one painting 'in the box' finished and i eat a bite before looking for another spot to paint. i have several beaches where i know multiple sites of things to paint so i can go straight to something else i wanted to paint last week or a few days before. but sometimes i have to ride around all afternoon to find the next spot to paint. you cant be on somebodies property, it has to be somewhat close to the truck (so i dont have to hike too far with all that painting gear) and the angle of the sun has to be right for that particular scene. if its better in the morning and its already afternoon, i'll remember that when i'm driving around there again in the morning and go straight to it.

R- Frame paintings, organize the plein air gear so i dont waste suntime doing it, check emails again, call galleries on the phone, plan upcoming shows, workshops etc., run a few personal errands ( again, dont want to waste suntime doing them) and make sure on rainy, and/or cloudy days that i'm near the tv for the Sopranos at 4 (i'm addicted to that show!)

I eat supper when i get hungry, i dont have clocks etc in my house, or a wristwatch so i'm free as a bird to non-conform. one good thing about this is you never stand in line. only clockwatchers all eat at the same time, or go to the bank on their lunch hour etc.

S- after daylight savings time (and the days are long) i find the third and last painting of the day.put everything away for the day, and clean up, its now around 10 pm. turn on the tube while i check emails and my favorite artist friends blogs, and answer those who responded from my morning computer session.

R- i love to paint at night so i wait till it gets dark and paint, usually to some jazz on the satellite tv station. by now ive mostly marketed, emailed, goofed off looking at blogs and working on my blog, so i feel really guilty not having painted much so i get at it! the whole time praying for a sunny day tomorrow. call my wife (who lives at our house about an hour and a half from my beach studio) and a little more painting.
Here's a shot of my painting storage room. nothing more than cheap storage shelves with old frame boxes taped together into big blocks that keep the paintings seperated. frames and unpainted canvases are also in here.

Around midnite, unwind, watch the weather report, clean up, fall in the bed with dreams of sunny days dancing in my head.wake up and do it all again.hope you enjoyed this glimpe into my life. if anybody would like to blog their schedule please email me and i'll tag you.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rest and Relaxation Day today

Auction updates

Wanchese Sunset- high bid still $40. Bidding will increase tomorrow since its the last day to bid. i'll announce on saturday who won. see may 9th post for details and image

Clouds at Sunset- bidding ends tomorrow night also. see may 12th for details and image. on this one just make a bid over $10 and maybe you'll win

Dont forget that i'm also giving away a FREE painting this month. watch for when i post that that day is the day to send me your home address for shipping. that enters you into the contest. todays not the day so keep watching. i'll post some images to choose from after my R and R session.

thanks for stopping by today

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

B.D. in new bern nc is the new high bidder on Wanchese Sunset (see image below or go to may 9th post to see what all this bidding stuffs about)
her bid is $40. you gonna let her steal this little slice of the outer banks off your wall for only $40? even the shippings free. thats worth $10! this auction is over friday.

several sealed bids are in for sky at sunset (see may 12th post on this one) have come in and theyre cheap so why not bid something to see if you win. they are not published like wanchese sunset, so you just have to figure out what youre willing to bid and hope for the best. no outbidding each other on this one. this auction will end friday as well.

Workshop was a total success. Jan at carolina creations gallery did a fantastic job of hosting a dozen painters for two days. she had maps for everyone of where we were and where we were going and coffee and food the first morning, made sure everybody had what they needed, and she painted with us too. Thanks Jan!
everybody was stretched and prodded into new methods and directions by my class but everybody should feel a little out of sorts when theyre trying something new for the first time. i taught on how to block in big shapes and how to keep things simple and colorful.
i did a 40 min, knife painting so everybody could see how its done and they seemed to enjoy watching it come together.
wow! i am always so wiped out after a workshop because i go non-stop to try to deliver the 'goods' and when its over i just die. many who took this one this week said they would sign up for the workshop i'm planning in morehead city this fall. gotta feeling there will be a waiting list on that one!
more later after i guzzle some Red Bull! yeeehaaaa

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Bern Workshop Maxed Out!!

Auction Update:

Wanchese Sunset- high bidder today is KP from NC at $35. anything higher puts you in the running for this sweet little piece of the outer banks. see image below and may 9th post for rules
on entering a bid.

Sky at Dusk (the cloud painting below) there are a few bids but this is a silent auction so you just have to send me an email for the most you'll bid and hope its enough. who knows? send a bid it could be the winning bid! see may 12th post for image and rules on entering a bid.

ok now to todays post on the workshop at carolina creations gallery in new bern.

i showed up this morning and there were 12 painters ready and eager to plein air paint around beautiful new bern. we set up right on the river just down from the marina a painted in the morning and then moved to Lawson Creek park. heres a photo of everybody gettin it done!

as you can see the weather was beautiful, there was not one whiner in the group, and everybody was having a ball learning something new and adding to their bag of tricks. thats what a workshop is all about isnt it? tomorrow i'll post photos from our sessions out near the marina and i'll try to post some students work for you to enjoy.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Wanchese Sunset bid update

Wanchese Sunset- 6x12- original oil on canvas board- done near Nags Head, NC
High bid is now $28 from R.V. in NC. you cant let him steal this painting..... what will you bid over that for a 6x12 original oil painting? high bidder gets free shipping too! Am i crazy? probably!

Skys the Limit

High bid on Wanchese Sunset is now Angie in Raleigh at $25. are you going to let her steal this 6x12 original oil painting for less than a seafood dinner? NO... well bid then :)
bidding ends friday.
see may 9 post below for image and details if youre wondering what i'm talking about

Sky at Dusk- 6x8-original oil painting on canvas board
AVAILABLE-highest bid over $10 sent in the next few days wins it. email your highest bid with 'sky at dusk' in the subject line to
this ones a wanchese sunset after a big storm went thru. the clouds were awesome, puffy and a beautiful color. i started with a few lines in magenta and boldly laid on the shadow colors, then blocked in the blue of the sky, then thickly applied the lightstruck side of the clouds. soooo much fun to try to capture such a fast moving object!
on this one, the highest bid over $10, sent in the next few days will win! on this one, i wont post the bids at all. its like a sealed envelope auction where you put the MOST you're willing to bid. you dont watch it and bid a little higher as you go. whats the most its worth to ya? $10 might win it you never know do you?
i'll only add $5.00 shipping (in the u.s.) and $10 (canada.) Good Luck!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Another from Wanchese area

So far the high bid on Wanchese Sunset(see may 9th post below for pic and details) is $21 from C. in Maryland. will you bid higher (shipping is free in the u.s. on this one) or will she steal it at $21.

This is the block-in on one just done in Wanchese called "Pamlico Boathouses" - 8x20
i made sure i left alot of the magenta peeking thru on this rather overcast day. it seemed to go well warming up that muted dark greenish-purple marsh grass. the big storm that was around here for two days was on its way. i'm absolutely loving these really long panaromic formats.

click on the image to see the knifed in sky. very textural. not a great picture of the painting but you get the idea. check to see a way better photo of it in a few days.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wanchese Sunset bid update

See the painting Wanchese Sunset- 6x12 a few posts below here

the high bid is now $20 from R.R. in Goldsboro. the painting now has free shipping in the u.s and $6 to canada.

previous bid was $10 from Craig in Toronto.

bid more than $20 and you may win it!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Wanchese Sunset bid update

I now have a high bid for $5 from S.P. in Raleigh, NC
do i hear a higher bid.
auction ends may 16th.
any bids over $10 will get free shipping in the u.s. $6.oo to canada

Friday May 9 second post of the day

thought you guys might like to see my 'quickdraw setup'. i jump out stand on the tailgate and throw the french easel on top of the truck. i use a more limited palette and try to do a small painting in half hour or so. when the suns dropping fast thats really all you have time for.
Wanchese Sunset- 6x12 AUCTION PIECE FOR THE WEEK- bid $1 and win! See below for details!

Starting a new thing!!!

my ebay stuff was a smash this winter and the free painting giveaway too, so i've decided to start a new thing on the blog. on ebay i did small paintings that werent as "finished out" (ie took less time to complete) and auctioned them off for cheap. it was a huge success. so now, i want to do the same thing here and cut out ebay fee. i'll post the small painting and open the bidding at ONE DOLLAR! i'll leave the painting on the blog auction for a week. as i get bids i'll post on the blog what the highest bid is so people can bid a little more and win the painting. the highest bidder will win the painting even if its only $1.
the other day i auctioned off a 16x20 painting i did as a demonstration and the winning bid was $20. imagine winning a $500 (if it had a frame on it) for $20!
it was so much fun i'm doing it here. you could win this painting for $1 if youre the highest bidder. but dont count on somebody letting you steal it for only a dollar!
so do i hear one dollar, one dollar, one dollar.
email me at to bid. Right now $1 will be the high bid and you could be the winner. Bidding ends next friday night may 16th.
Very Important-Put the name of the painting or auction in the subject line or i wont open the email for fear of viruses.
Shipping is free on all winning bids over $10 (in the u.s.)
winning bids under $10, shipping in the u.s. is $5.00.

Trouble with Blogger today

if youre like me you love and hate technology! i absolutely love it when it works and curse it when it doesnt.
today when i tried to upload the photos i had done as another mini-demo it wouldnt work. yesterday it wouldnt upload the DVD jpeg (thus the link to flickr i had to put in the text to get you over to it) now more problems with uploading. what the *^%^%&^
anyway i'm leaving nags head in a few more days so unless this problem corrects itself there wont be any pics. on top of that it started raining yesterday and today so i'm holed up in a room thats costing me money and am not producing anything that will pay for it! aaaaaghhghhhh.
thats my rant for the day. you can return to the regularly scheduled programming now. i feel MUCH better having gotten it out.
i feel like i can tell you anything! :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Two Entries for Thur May 8th

thought i'd share the exciting news! click here to see the cover for the new DVD i taped a few weeks ago, straight from production.
this is a huge project for me as jerrys artarama is a chain of nationwide art stores with huge internet and catalogue sales. i'm hoping these DVD's (another to be filmed next month) will expose me to a nationwide audience, and could get me nationwide workshop gigs. that would be sweet.
the plein air book i'll be in is slated to come out before Christmas and will be in Borders, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Our State catalogue, among others. PBS (NC)is talking about doing a series of specials showcasing individual artists in the book for their network.
my head is swimming at the prospects of what all this media and print attention could do for the old career. its in Gods hands one way or the other so, as jackie gleason so aptly put it......"away we go!"

Hello from Hiway 12

Barrier Island View- 8x20
done on the way up hwy 12 north to nags head from hatteras island ferry(and ocracoke).
the shape to the left is the Bonner bridge at oregon inlet. this is the stretch of hiway 12 that always goes underwater and under sand drifts when theres a hurricane.
i love these warm sand dunes against the hazy atmosphere in the late afternoon. and the phone poles that seem to go off into infinity is an image deeply seated in anyones subconcious thats ever been to the outer banks. this painting just screams OBX!
today is NOT the giveaway day but stay tuned for when i announce it is the day to register to win a Free Painting. even the shipping is free.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Step by Step of Ocracoke Morning-SOLD

Ocracoke Morning- 12x16

here is the finished painting done behind where i was staying on the island. imagine waking up and having this scene out your back door.
let me show you how i did it step by step.

here's a photo of what i was working with. i chose to eliminate the grass from the scene and concentrate on the deck chairs and sailboat.
i begin by drawing the shapes and filling in the darks with magenta oil paint in washes. super thin so it doesnt mix in with the top coats.
now i put in the whites and the darks. i do most if this squinting down and looking thru my eyelashes. this gets rid of all the detail and helps me see the big shapes and values.
here i've blocked in all the major shapes in their respective real-life color and use the knife to bring the edges of all the shapes closer to each other which eliminates alot of the magenta, but i leave a good amount too. now go back up to the finished picture to see the finishing touches like water colored lines in the chairs to show the slats. i warmed up the concrete under the chairs, variations in the water, sky, and tree line in the back.

hope you enjoyed this step-by-step of my process. this painting is available at Down Creek Gallery in Ocracoke.

be sure to keep checking the blog for the free painting giveaway contest day. its not today but could very well be soon so keep checking back to WIN!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ocracoke and Painting Give-Away Details

Blackbeards Path- 11x14

May Painting Give-Away!

i will be giving away a FREE original 6x8 oil painting this month and all you have to do is check the blog frequently to register to win. i will even pay to ship it within the u.s. to you for free.
heres how it works. i'll announce on a random day that that day is the give-away day. you have 48 hrs from that day to send me an email with "free painting" in the subject line to with your complete mailing address in the body of the email. i will draw out a winner and ship them a beautiful 6x8 original oil painting absolutely free!NOTE-- if "free painting" is not in the subject line i wont open the email (afraid of viruses) so be sure to do that. Good luck!
View of Springers Point- 12x12

several done today on ocracoke island for down creek gallery. i like the light in these... clean, and crisp like it was today. temps in the 70's and clear light. a big storm yesterday made the light great to paint today. i hate storms because i cant paint that day but i know that the next day is going to be great! not to get philosophical but that applies to life as well. hang in through the rainy days, guaranteed that good days are just around the corner. its always this way... the cycle of life.

watch this blog for this months giveaway painting contest. i'll give a painting away absolutely FREE (even the shipping).

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Workshop update part II

The Belltower at State- 12x9

we finished up the second day of the two day raleigh workshop today, again with beautiful weather and light.

two more joined us today that have 'real' jobs during the week and couldnt make yesterday. we did block-in exercises/warmups this morning and we painted the infamous NoFo restaurant in historic Five Points after lunch there.

Everybodys paintings were awesome. so many people who saw us painting said " i wanna paint!!!!" they were so jealous because we were having such a blast!

everybody enjoyed themselves, and had really nice finished pieces at the end of the day. when i can see the light shapes separate from the shadow shapes in everybodys painting i know ive done my job right!

next two workshop dates are this coming saturday in manteo. and two days that next week at carolina creations in new bern. check the right hand side of this blog for exact dates and times and contact me if youre interested in signing up. i dont do summer workshops so this month is it until fall!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Workshop update

Teaching in raleigh today and we had beautiful light and temps. here are two of the students hard at work. if painting was ever hard or work....

connie from gaithersburg, maryland really gets into her painting. Literally! it is all over her face, hands, and arms. she was covered in paint from the first exercise at 10 am until we quit at 5. she's a hoot.

rob, my vet buddy from goldsboro looks like all those pro plein air painters from the midwest like scott christiansen doesnt he?
he's catching on to this outdoor painting thing like a champ. where he's standing looks like a quiet wooded area when in reality he's standing a few feet from Oberlin Rd. where cars wiz by about a thousand every hour. he looks unfazed doesnt he. the sign of a future plein air pro. rob used to work on a painting for thirty hours and since taking my workshops is down to about three hours each and has sold six paintings in the last few months. way to go Rob!
more tomorrow.....

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Workshop and I won a Free painting!

one from the archive. did this last early summer in charleston. it was like... 100 degrees that day and 90% humidity so they said the heat index made it feel like 110 degrees. i think i was using acrylic back then, thus the hard edges. i like oils wayyyy better.

painted two in raleigh today but dont have good light to photograph them. i did a popular little old neighborhood grocery store on oberlin road called "Community Grocery" and then the NC State belltower on hillsboro street. folks love landmarks in the raleigh market. sales are a little slow until the tourists show up at the coast (around memorial day) and i need some "shore things".

teaching a two day workshop at artsource tomorrow and saturday and then painting a free demonstration at jerrys artarama on sunday. then off to ocracoke to paint. hope to get what i painted today on here tomorrow.

talk about kharma... i entered another artists free giveaway contest for a painting and i won!

i gave away a painting this week and then i win one. how about that!?