Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sundowner- 30x40

Sundowner- 30x40 on gallery wrapped canvas
email for price and availability

wanted some razzle-dazzle on this one. used giant brushes on much of this until later in the painting and that kept it loose for quite a while. Gotta know when to stop tightening it up.

Cuba Workshop dates will be January 16-23, 2016. I'll be taking a handful of people with me to Havana, so if you'd like to go, email me and i'll get you the details.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

side by side comparison

did a side by side comparison study to see why the blue under painting color shows so blue in my photos. think I figured it out.
the acrylic looks bluer than the oil in the photo. Acylic test patch is on the top (see the A) Oil is on the bottom. tho' theyre the same on the real panel they look different to my camera for some reason.
I purposely did the left side of both a little lighter and that's whats causing the problem. the dark green I'm swirling in is darker than the purple. so it seems the solution to not having light saturated blue peeking out is to darken the value of the underpainting color.
see how the right side of the top panel looks ok with the dark green added into it compared to the lighter blue below in the oil panel?
yeah. glad to at least have a clue to whats been going on.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

new paintings this week

The Landing-24x40
email me for price and availability

Cuban Hero- 18x24
email me for price and availability

Water View 24x30
email me for price and availability

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Buggy Ride 24x30

Buggy Ride- 24x30
contact me for price and availability

the finished painting. I fixed the slope in the far left horses back and tightened up a bit the driver and people in the buggy. also changed the color (a bit) of the house and worked on the car some.
just got back from teaching in Atlanta and Roswell Ga.
the first was at Binders Art Store in Buckhead then I went to Roswell Fine Art Ass. Both classes were full of passionate painters and great people.
I'm trying to get into the painting groove but finding it hard with all the traveling. I need to find a nice routine of doing admin type stuff in the morning, painting in the afternoon and playing music at night. once I do that for a few days in a row I find my groove and can paint. if I'm all over, here and there its hard to concentrate on the paintings. I'm not complaining, just giving you a little insight into the world of a fulltime painter. its very little actual easel time if you added it all up. I'd like more time there but it doesn't work that way, like I wish it did. workshops help pay the bills so I'm not complaining a bit! 
a typical day in my life involves blogging, admin stuff like keeping up the painting database, emailing about workshops and gallery commitments. travel to and from the workshops, and time teaching. Buying materials to paint with, finding locations to paint plein air, and the travel to get to those places, as well as a myriad of other errands. all these things (and more) keep you out of the studio, but are very necessary to make a living in this business.
I'm blessed, for sure!