Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Changing a Field Sketch-nodp

done plein air

below you'll see the studio version of this field sketch. rarely does it happen that i like one done in the studio from the one done plein air, but this one was the exception. on the below painting, i popped up the color, increased the constrast,  changed to a less square format, zoomed out on the scene. changed the phone pole position to a less obtrusive spot, and put the foreground in shadow. it has much more dramatic lighting  now and a much better painting i think
the two lessons here are nature doesnt always give you the best painting, and that studio paintings can look just as good or better than the plein air version

the studio version

Friday, May 25, 2012

SOLD-Davis Seafood in Late Afternoon Light-6x8

on a totally unrelated note. did y'all see my rant against facebook i posted on my facebook page when i realized i didnt know one person on the first seven pages of my wall? now today i realize that everyday i see a message on my Hotmail homepage that says "youre friends havent done anything interesting lately".
 i'm just saying.....

workshop news : there are a few seats left in the upcoming elizabeth city nc workshop next thursday and friday.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

SOLD-Calm Waters-6x8

a watery scene as the sun starts to climb. putting a little of the sky color into the water is a neat trick for making them look related and believable. try it sometime. 

Meadows Afternoon
now at Peters Gallery Stuart Fl.

and from today forward, if you ever disagree with something i've said on this blog, to save time lets assume i'm always right.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Workshop News

a pic from the Pinehurst NC workshop

may is a busy month for teaching, 

just got back from the rolling golf course lined hills of pinehurst. they have a golf course there that cost $400 for eighteen holes! wow. that must be some course. instead, this hardy group braved the elements outside to learn values, how to simplify, and how to "give a black eye" to a landscape painting that wont cooperate! way to go girls, you rocked. this was a beautiful horse farm with stables that we painted at for a few days. the horses loved having all that excitement near their stables. 

New Workshop planned for Monhegan Island Maine in 2013 sometime in early September. come stay on monhegan with us for three or four days and paint at an artist colony visited by some of the countries greatest landscape painters (from robert henri to jamie wyeth) for 150 years. email me if you want to join us

there are spots available in the upcoming elizabeth city nc workshop next week (right after memorial day) if you'd like to come. email me to save a spot

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SOLD-From Sue's Old Backyard-6x8

this one fell off the brush. did it 8x10 plein air and then painted this one in the studio from both the outdoor study and a photo. love the feeling of light on this nags head cottage in that last few minutes golden light that is so beautiful. will probably do this 16x20 when i get back from teaching in Pinehurst. speaking of that i still have one seat left if you can do Friday thru Sunday this week. email me if you'd like to learn values, composition, color and how to simplify things when painting outside.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SOLD- Historic Seaport Key West-6x12

a blast from the past, historic seaport key west. liked this panoramic canvas which is twice as wide as it is high. brings back great memories of my toasty winter! this is where the Western Union is docked just up from Schooner Wharf Bar and Turtle Kraals.

there was a last minute cancellation and one seat has opened up in my upcoming Pinehurst NC workshop which starts this friday and goes thru sunday. price is $300 for three days and we'll cover some more intermediate stuff so if youve already taken a class with me this ones for you! email me to hold the spot.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Maine Workshop in Bar Harbor

always wanted to paint Maine? here's your chance. i'll be doing a five day plein air workshop near Bar Harbor Maine september 3rd thru the 7th. we'll cover the basics like value, color mixing, choosing subjects, block-in and equipment tips etc. then later in the week, brush work, adding variety to large shapes, how to work quickly and see the abstract shapes. also talk about marketing and making it in the art business. if youre interested in the workshop email me and we'll talk.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Workshop in Corolla

have been in Corolla on the outer banks this week holding a workshop. thats the reason for the lack of posts on here. we paint all day and then do a session from 8 to 10 pm. Here we are doing a plein air session of the cool things about where i'm staying is that there are wild horses walking all around and you have to take a four wheel vehicle thru two miles of deep sand on the beach to get to this beautiful house we're holding the workshop in. i'm having a blast to say the least, Thanks Dawn for the cool digs and great food.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SOLD-Capt. Phillips Side Yard-6x8

funny how most folks think all we painters do is paint. actually with all the other stuff you have to do to teach and hang in galleries, its a struggle to find time to paint. this is from the other day back in familiar waters, swansboro. the traps on the right bottom remind me of my painting days in maine last september. they can be hard to paint. you really have to just squint and paint what you see since theyre made out thin wires and you surely wouldnt want to try to paint what you "know" they're made out of.