Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Looking Out on the White Oak-SOLD

Slice of the Intercoastal- 8x8

Had a very productive day today. got three in the wetbox (a box i made to carry wetpaintings without them touching each other and smearing)

It was nice to paint close to home today. i'd just about forgotten how much i like painting where i live, too.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Granny Smith-6x8-SOLD

Want to thank all the folks who came to the reception at Vision Gallery Saturday night for the opening of my show. we had a great time and it was fun to see all the work i've done that sat around the studio, in this room and that, hanging as a collection together on the walls in one room finished. sold quite a few there and at the Coral Bay Club show.

i'll try to get back on schedule blog-wise now that both shows are hanging. have some commissions to do in the next couple of weeks. a couple of beach houses, a boat, a jar of Dukes mayonnaise, and a few personal lessons. not long after that i'll be going to Cape Cod. cant wait to see some new landscape and the boat styles are different up there too.

But not before a I surf my brains out for the next thirty days. yehhhhhaahhhh.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tree Reflection-6x6-SOLD

Finally had time enough for a daily painting :)

The SouthEnd-12x24

Busy today framing and then the winds supposed to come up and i'll spend a well deserved summer afternoon kiteboarding.

in "The SouthEnd" i added a sailboat and more human activity and like it alot better.
what do you think. does it make you want to be there? good.... i did my job!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Even More Pigment on Canvas-nodp

Stacked Up Cloudbank-8x8

Sound Sparkles-8x10

Sailing School-6x16


Low Tide at the Pier-8x10


Birds Eye View 2- 12x12


Here in the south, we call it "in the short rows". it's from farming i think. it means....almost finished, or in the "homestretch". tomorrow i'll frame all these up, get em in inventory, set prices, and deliver friday morning. its been a wild ride. the weather cooperated and i think i have some work i can be proud of. we'll see starting saturday when the people start showing up for the solo show's reception and during the months sales while its hanging. nothing like having it all hanging out there and being all vulnerable. the way i deal with that is just move on to the next project and paintings so i dont dwell on it and get all crazy. Living the artist's life is an exciting tightrope walk. wouldnt have it any other way.

was working on a painting the other day and a guy came up and starting talking to me about my painting. just as he was leaving he says "i'm a woodworker! its just like what youre doing"

i was like what, huh? ..... yeah right...was thinking myself just the other day how similar they are....LOL

Monday, June 22, 2009

Three New Paintings-nodp

*nodp- code for dailypainters gallery not to upload
Beaufort Anchorage-6x16

From Beaufort Inn Docks- 8x10

Gone to the Birds (El's Drive In) - 8x10

If you'd like to purchase any of these let me know.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bend in the Road-SOLD

SOLD- This ones going to Hawaii. just gotta love the internet!

This one is from Fathers Day afternoon. the light was beautiful today and i sketched this one out in about an hour and a half. while i was there two dogs from the nearby property made friends and layed down in the shade of the horse trailer i was huddled next to. when youre out there painting around the countryside you dont know if the dogs want to have you pet them or they want to bite you. just yesterday i was on a dock and this golden lab came up with its owner. they are usually family dogs and very laid back but this one wanted to bite me. you would think the semi-wild ones in this field would want to bite me and not the lab. never assume when youre out there with your paintbox.
i like the purples i put in the far trees. just the right spark of color with all that green. but i tried very hard to make every green shape different somehow from all the others. this is the key to colorful and realistic painting. out in nature no two differing objects have the same color. never. so by changing each objects color if only slightly you reproduce nature and keep the painting interesting.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tending Bar- SOLD

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Tending Bar-8x8

Another one for the Vision Gallery show coming up next weekend. Wanted to have a few of my interiors that i usually do in the wintertime, when its too cold to paint outside. it came out of nowhere and had the itch to do one this afternoon. painted the whole painting with a 1/2" brush to keep it real loose. the bow tie and shadow for his eyes had to be made with just the very corner of it (with a very steady hand)
also had a very productive plein air trip this morning to morehead city, where i got two 8x10's done for the show also.

Friday, June 19, 2009

New Paintings for Next Weeks Shows, etc. -nodp

New River Skiff-9x12

Intercoastal Beaches-8x8

High and Dry-8x8

Broad Creek Sailboat-8x10

Beaufort By the Sea-6x16

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Smoky Glass and Daisy-5x5-SOLD

This daisy was hard to paint. the spotlight was causing it to shrink from the heat. everytime i looked it and its shadow was changing. made it loose and the glass was a blast to paint.

Workin' the New River-8x10

This will be in the Coral Bay Show that City Art Gallery is having next weekend at the country club in the Atlantic Beach area. i usually do well with boat paintings there every year thus all the boat/water scenes. not to mention i love painting them. the compound angles and colors are mesmerizing and who doesnt love water?
This was one of those silvery hot overcast days. i think i captured the light "key" with all the cooler colors. i'm working on seeing the beauty of these kind of days and painting it. hope i was successful on this one. what do you think?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Light and Shade Daisies-SOLD

Drove up in my driveway and what do i see growing next to the house, but these cool daisies. they must be wild... i didnt plant em.

i like the way the white shadow part of the daisy glows, but still stays in the cooler/darker shadow family. thats the challenge of painting things that glow. if you get em too light you destroy the light/shade pattern, a definate no-no in painting.

Sittin' Up- 8x8

Headed to Vision Gallery for the upcoming show

This one's painted from a smaller study done a month ago.

i'm working on keeping the larger ones as loose and spontaneous as the smaller plein air pieces. i'm not there yet but heading in the right direction. now to do it three times as big and keep it loose.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Paintings for Upcoming Vision Gallery Show-nodp

Dreamy Afternoon Light- 8x8

The Silo- 9x12

The Trip Over- 8x10

Goat Island- 8x8


These are some of the new paintings that are headed for my upcoming show Light and Shadows- a solo show at Vision Gallery.

I've been real busy doing everything but painting for the last several days. folks think that painters just paint all day but we have to order frames, unpack em, shoot photos of the paintings and upload em on blogs, flickr, etc. and pack and ship paintings to galleries and keep alot of inventory records. and thats the short list. so its very possible to not paint for days but be taking care of business.

i'd sure rather be painting... i know that.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Carolina Pines-SOLD


An afternoon stand of pines we here in eastern NC are very familiar with. the sun keeps them very warm in color and the trunks light up too.

Dont these two look very studious? it's catherine and pete working on a morning session still life while we wait for the sun to come out in full. they both did great stuff in their three day private lesson. still lifes are great for learning the basics on before tackling the landscape.

i'm available in july and august if you'd like private lessons for $35 an hour. we'll negotiate the price if there's more than one. just drop me an email to discuss it.

just found out that i'll be teaching three workshops during the huge Art of the Carolina's Expo in November. the event brings in teachers and participants from all over the country for this weeklong art convention in raleigh. check out Jerrysartarama.com for more details.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Corner Lot-6x6-$25

$8 s/h
to purchase click the BUY NOW button or email me

Teaching private lessons with Catherine Williams and her son Peter (flew in from Portland Oregon) at their house in Atlantic Beach this week so thats why there havent been many posts this week. they let me stay in their guest cottage steps from the water. Sweet little pad.
we paint all day and then sit on the deck overlooking the intercoastal waterway eating seafood and talking well into the night. i feel like ernest hemingway somehow. its been wonderful. on top of that i'm frantically painting for my upcoming show so blogging has kinda taken a back seat these past few weeks. there's only so many hours in the day. What i a life i lead :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Big and Small Shrimper-SOLD

Here's a little ditty from the 'friendly city by the sea' Swansboro. the fun i had on this one was trying to capture the light "key". it's a partly cloudy day and the shadows and light are compressed into a narrow range and the temperature of the overall painting is cooler than it would be had the sun been out full on. i like the look of it. as ive said in the past... this is one of the hardest lighting conditions to paint when the sun comes in and out because the lighting effect is changing every 10 minutes. you paint alot from memory when this happens. some people paint two paintings at once. when its partly sunny they work on one and when the sun comes out, they grab that second one and work on it. i've never really enjoyed doing that. i'd rather increase my memory and observation powers. Like a plein air super hero LOL

Been rockin' about three to four paintings a day for the last several sunny days getting ready for two big events in a few weeks. i wont be posting them online. they'll be on display for the first time at Vision Gallery in Atlantic Beach starting June 27th and a few of them will be at the Coral Bay Country Club Show, also at the end of the month. come and check em out at the reception on June 27th at Vision from 6-8 pm.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lavender Motion-SOLD

Another from the "bride series".

the sand was fun to keep dark and grayer so the dress would really pop! when you have a shape that large you need to put variety of temperature, brushstroke direction and slight variations in value make it more interesting. my figure drawing workshop with Luana Luconi Winner really helped me draw this figure believably. thanks Luana!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Assisting the Bride-SOLD

A few months ago i did a series on brides and girls in white princess dresses. i love the way they show up against the grass or beach. there's all these sweet subtle changes in temperature in the dresses and in the girls faces and skin.

all the other ones sold so i must be onto something so here we go again. i do these when its too cloudy or rainy to paint outside. guess what? its cloudy and rainy today. can you guess what i'll be painting today?

View of Paradise- 8x10


Friday, June 5, 2009

Waiting to Get Wet-9x12-NODP

*code for not posting on Daily Painters Gallery

Not For Sale

i'll be attending a charity benefit next weekend in the Indian Beach area for the Prevention of Child Abuse in NC organization. i heard Govenor Bev Perdue would be in attendance and i hope she bids on (and wins) the above painting i'm donating for the event. that would be a cool collector to have, eh?

next weekend i'll be doing painting demo's at the Swansboro Festival saturday. i'll be in front of my gallery Tidewater Gallery most of the day. Ray the owner has stepped up his game this year and the gallery is full of fantastic art and other cool stuff. come see us next saturday from about 10-4. see you there.

Did some marketing stuff this morning and then kiteboarded the rest of the afternoon. really want to paint some tonite after i recuperate. the wind was really kicking today! i always love to think that i work as hard as i do so i can take an afternoon off in the ocean surfing and kiteboarding with some good friends and forgetting about teaching and painting for a few hours. thats another good reason to live and work ten minutes from the beach. cant let my "gills" dry out! LOL

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Calico Creek Abode-6x6-SOLD

This demo was from the morehead city class i just wrapped up yesterday. i had the greatest, most enthusiastic students and they withstood searing heat and me pushing them to do their best for three days.

left them to paint more on their own yesterday and all were tickled with their progress since the first day of class.

i dont hold workshops during the summer months as i try to paint like crazy and most people dont like to be outside when its 90 degrees outside, but i dont mind. i will be doing private lessons for $35 per hour, including the time it takes me to get to your location or you can save that by coming to where i live at Topsail Island. just email me if you want to set up a day or two of private lessons during the middle of the summer.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So Close Yet So Far-SOLD

i'm on day two of a three day workshop teaching in morehead city. this boat was on the way home and took a little over an hour and a half. i'm really a sucker for backlit stuff so when i saw the purple-ish blue boat and shiny water.... well. really thought the super light sky set off the whole thing and made it "sing".

my students are learning the Cape Cod School of Art technique of painting and applying it to plein air landscapes. today we did "block studies" a la Henry Hensche, Camille Pryzwodek etc.

they caught on super quick and made me proud! Tomorrow we will paint landscapes all day using what they learned so far.