Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dannys House-8x10

this one's from 2009

Dannys House-8x10

Have you ever wished you had gotten one of my paintings back in 2009 when they were in this price range but didnt? Here's your chance to get this painting for what it sold for back in 2009

i'm packing for my Cape Cod Underpainting workshop at Binders, an art supply store in Atlanta, (starts friday). flying with paints and stuff always makes me nervous now that TSA wont even let you take toothpaste or deodorant onboard :D. i'll put a note with the oil paints saying ARTIST MATERIALS with them. ive done that before and got thru screening so far in my travels. maybe this time too!

I had too much free time so i just joined DailyPaintworks, an online gallery started by Carole Marine and her husband David. still working out some computer stuff so i dont have any paintings on there as of now (till thats worked out in the next few days). click the widget over on the right sidebar to get there and see the other arists represented at the site.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Study #112711a-7x9-SOLD


another of the larger "mini's".

in driving around to find something to paint i found a cool farm way out in the country. the owner was a nice guy who gave me total access to his property. there was lots of farm stuff, large open fields, barns and outbuildings and this old truck and trailer. seeing them in the late fall light was just what i was looking for. these scenes are a huge part of the rural eastern NC landscape.

todays Hawthorne quote: "Make a house a note of color, make the blinds and windows a note of color, make the trees a note, the grass a note, the shadows also and make the sky stay away from it."

Sunday, November 27, 2011

SOLD-Dream Street-7x9

If you noticed, this study is 7x9 for $75, a full inch top and bottom bigger than my 6x8's that sell for this same price. my idea of coping with this stubborn economy and sagging sales is to offer a bigger canvas for the same price as a smaller one. this is the exact opposite of the grocery store where they give themselves a raise by selling you a smaller package at the same price.

This was done the other afternoon in swansboro nc. the light was silvery, caused by high thin clouds. what caught my eye was the shine on the water off in the distance. i like the bright, cool color harmonies that this light key has. if you can match the color notes and make them relate to each other on the canvas the way they do in reality, you will have caught the "truth" of it.

Hawthorne quote: "Do the simple thing and do it well. Try to see the large simple spots- do the obvious first. When you go out to paint and things mean only spots to you, you have your painters eye with you.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NC Treat-6x6-SOLD

on dec. 7th i'll be doing a demo at City Art Gallery in Greenville, NC from 6-8. come by and check out how i start a painting and tho' i wont probably finish it, you'll get an insight into how i go about a painting.

this little gem below would make a great holiday gift for that pepsi and nab lover in your family.
this is a favorite snack for us carolinians. we call these cheese crackers "nabs". i guess because they original crackers were from Nabisco, nabs for short.

Hawthorne said- "paint something thats nothing until its painted well"

does a drink can and a snack food qualify?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Inside Job-5x6-SOLD

Wouldnt these little fruit and glass still lifes be a great gift for that friend of yours for their kitchen walls. Framers have scrap they can make frames for on these mini's for $10 or $15.


With the shorter fall days, i paint more and more inside and very late at night. that makes me get up late and then its dark again. then i work into the night and it all starts all over again. great thing about making a living making art and working for myself is that the boss is cool with whatever i want to do :D

another cool thing is that i get to eat or drink my painting subjects after theyve given their life for art. in this case i squeezed the limes into some flavored water and drank em up. yummy.

in todays painting i tried to put one of Hawthornes quotes into practice. He said- "Have the courage to set down the colors you see there- overdo in color rather than be weak".

Monday, November 21, 2011

Waterfront Pair-6x8-SOLD

just got some phalo blue and wanted to play around with it and i did a color chart to see what each of the colors on my palette would look like when mixed with it. the colors on my palette are across the top and down the side. where the down column intersects with the horizontal columns is what the two make when mixed. the darker colors i added a strip of white across the darker colors so i could see what the real color is. where two columns the same color i mixed white to make it very pale. this is good to do every now and then to remind yourself just how many different colors you can make with your palette of pigments. dont always paint, making the same mixes. shake it up a little!

here i was playing with burnt sienna (its not on my plein air palette but i'm thinking of adding it to my expanded studio palette) and phalo blue. the burnt sienna is a dirty warm red and makes great warm and cool grays when mixed with phalo blue. i love those blue grays with more and more white in em.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

White Isnt White-6x8-SOLD

here i'm looking for color. trying to train the eye to see the least hint, then push it a little so that even white isnt white.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hooray Beer!-8x6-SOLD

wanted to fool with painting some glass so i threw up this brown glass and tried for thick, decisive stokes.

Hawthorne Quote (from still life chapter): "This winter do some still life., and i dont mean pretty things like iridescent glass.....paint something that isnt anything until it is painted well. get stuff that is supposed to be ugly, like a pie plate or an old tin basin against a background that will bring out the beauty of the thing you see. then try to do it, trying to work for quality of color.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sun from the Right-9x12

if you like this one contact me for price and availability

a few items on a table out in my yard this morning. strove for big juicy, chunky, and broad-one color,one stroke application.

Monday, November 14, 2011

White on Yellow on Blue-6x6-SOLD

what? another revision? really?

really. i wasnt satisfied that it "dripped sunshine" so i went back over every shape with a purer color and bumped up the sunshine. i relied alot on my memory of the impression i had more on this revision, disregarding trying to imitate my study (the small one sitting on the revised 12x16) see below. i overemphasized how orangey-yellow the roofs looked when i was standing out there looking at them. then i really warmed up the sky as well as lightened it. then i made the water bluer and warmer too. if you really want to see the transformation from the first one i painted from the study go back to the original painting on the october 30th post and see it as it first appeared. huge difference!

trying to make it more about spots of color versus house. the smaller one screams house and then color, the larger screams color, then house.

hawthorne quote of the day- "See if you cant simply put down spots of color and let the results take care of themselves.....dont see so many little things-refuse to see details- you dont have to draw the whole town if you paint. Better put it down so that it sits in air than to make a better drawing without vitality..."

i changed this one to have more vitality and to sit in air better. even at the expense of windows and side trim! and guess what i discovered? it still looks like a house without them

Sunday, November 13, 2011

orange and bowl in overcast-5x7-SOLD

just completed three workshops at art of the carolina's in raleigh. everything went great. i really enjoy the country's biggest workshop gathering every year. its like a family reunion. i get to see alot of students ive had over the years and catch up with my friends who are also instructors. all the major art supply companies like grumbacher, windsor newton, canson papers, and fredericks canvas (to name just a few) show up too. its like a huge art convention. i taught knife painting, mixing color, and the cape cod underpainting technique.

got home and unpacked, and then threw up a table outside with the orange and bowl on it.

a friend gave me the book Hawthorne on Painting and i want to start putting some quotes of his at the end of my posts for awhile. Hawthorne was the father of the cape cod school of painting and his wisdom will help anybody who paints (but will be of particular interest to those of us who love that technique). i want to remember these quotes so putting them on the blog will help me learn them.

todays quote from Hawthorne: Think of color instead of sand, think of color instead of clothes. color first and house after, not house first and color after.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quite the Couple-12x16

Old Menhaden Plant-12x16

this old fish processing plant is over in a remote part of beaufort. jimmy womble got us permission to paint on this private section of waterfront. the two red stacks are like fireplaces. both jimmy and i cant resist old beat up waterfront stuff. this and Last Light were painted on the same property the same day.

Menhaden plants were popular back in the day. there were two very large plants in beaufort alone. i know menhaden were also very popular out near the outer banks. i'll do some googleing and find out more about this fish and why they were popular.

Notice how i worked the red of the stacks into the grass and the left roofline, to integrate them into the painting. you want to work all the major colors into other places around the painting to make the colors in it harmonious.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Quiet Reflection-8x8-$150

$150 with table easel at City Art Gallery

a better picture of Sentinels-24x30

at City Art Gallery

Last Light-12x16
if youre interested in this one contact me for price and availability

Island Houses at Capt Charlies-16x20

if youre interested in this one contact me for price and availability

Corner of the Boatyard-16x20

at City Art Gallery

all these have been done recently. i was getting busy as the colder weather told me that my days painting outside all day were about to end. the leaves are about to fall off the trees, the landscape is about to go gray, its getting darker earlier, not to mention colder daytime temps means itll soon be time to start brushing up on my palm trees :D

i'm teaching at Art of the Carolina's in raleigh thursday thru saturday and one of them is a knife painting class. here's a Free Art Lesson on knife painting i did for Jerrys. click here to go there and watch it.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Sentinels-24x30

i was working on a 24x30 knife painting demo a few posts back. here's the finished product still on the easel. you may want to go back and refresh your memory of what was going on. these big ones are fun with a big knife. click the image to get a big pic of it where you can see all the subtle color shifts in the big shapes. dont think there are any shapes with less than three different temps. even if it appears to be lit up by the sun it still has a very very light blue in it (ie. the whitish building on the far right)

workshop news

the Cape School Underpainting class i'm teaching at Art of the Carolina's has a few spots left. its next saturday in raleigh.

Doing a knife painting workshop in sunny key west this winter. see the right sidebar for a complete list of upcoming workshops

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Workshop Wrap Up in Elizabeth City

got a few hours off from teaching here in elizabeth city nc and here's how i spent it. painting Feed and Seed, an old purina feed store. i loved the way the sun was lighting up the buildings.

this week i taught a two day workshop on the basics of painting which included values, color mixing, and basic drawing mechanics. tonite i did a Paint Camp session where 20 folks all followed along with my demo. they sipped wine and had a great time, and even tho most of the class had never painted a thing before, they each walked out with a really nice floral painting.

elizabeth city is a wonderful place and has a very vibrant art community. who knows it may end up being an art mecca like asheville soon.

want to thank joe and caroline for their hospitality while i was in eliz. city. too. thanks y'all!