Sunday, September 30, 2012

SOLD-Floating Toys-6x8

a nice little cape body of water. like the shapes in this one. when i grow up i wanna be a shape painter!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

$100-Sundowner in Maine-6x8

email me to purchase
this takes me back to my excursion into maine a few weeks ago. there was this cool little harbor that just lit up in the evenings. had some ferocious "blonde" misquitos. theyre not black like usual but a very dirty blonde color. theyre not to be outdone by their darker cousins. they'll make you swat and exclaim loudly the whole time youre painting!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SOLD-Rock Harbor Boats-6x8

NOTE: Sailing Away-6x8 (september 2nd post) just became available again. it was sold but they traded it for another.
an early morning view of some boats in rock harbor, orleans cape cod. wish i knew what i did to make the green boat look so authentic. i would do it more if i did LOL

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sold-Jills View-6x8

painted this off the bridge of a boat owned by jill and jim (my host family) in conneticut where i taught a few days ago. this is a sailboat on the conneticut river near lyme. thanks jill and jim for your hospitality!

just wrapped up two days with some great painters from the Delmarva peninsula in chestertown maryland. here's about half of them capturing the early morning light on eastern neck wildlife preserve. we had a wide range of painting experience from beginners, to one painter who taught painting herself in the area. its fun and challenging to see if i can keep all parties engaged without going over some heads or boring others where i'm making it too simplistic. i learn alot from all of my students everytime i teach. i'm headed to rehoboth beach delaware next. thanks to lani and dan my hosts in chestertown!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Something from Falmouth

available at Rowley Gallery
this is from a recent painting trip to falmouth, cape cod. the cool little light house and lightkeepers house sits high on a hill looking out over the bay. it still warns mariners to keep away from the rocky shoreline. off in the distance on the horizon you can see a sliver of wonderful lavendar color called martha's vineyard. havent been there but linda and charlie, dear friends from mashpee say they'll take me on a painting trip over on their boat. arent they sweet?!

Sunday, September 9, 2012



now dont you wish this was you right now? nothing to do all day but paint beautiful Maine beachscapes in plein air!
this is rita putting into practice the stuff she learned at the recent Acadia Workshop Center plein air class i held. values, color mixing and simplifying the scene are at the heart of my curriculum and prepares you for the monumental task of painting something decent in the outdoors.
those who paint from photos in comfortable conditions, with smooth jazz playing in the background, north light streaming in their studio windows all day, and who have never ventured outside with paint and canvas, have no idea just how monumental! just saying  :D

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Block Studies at Acadia Workshop Center

i did a demo of a block study to show the technique, a la cape school.

what a great bunch of folks ive got this week. they are so stoked on learning how to take their color perception and mixing to the next level. they hail from as far away as england, chicago, hingham mass, and orlando florida.
 today was day three of a five day. it rained most of the day as the remnants of isaac went over maine, so we painted in the plush Acadia WSC studios. tomorrow we'll hit a place called Seawall, a nice stretch of maine coastline and put into practice what was learned today about how to paint fast, and mix accurate color on the fly!
my orleans (cape cod) workshop next weekend has one spot left. let me know if you'd like to sign up. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Menace to Society

photo courtesy of john clayton
here i am accused of being a menace to society as i paint provincetown, cape cod, a city where nothing is a crime, except painting on the streets apparantly. no, really the cop was called and he responded but told me that i wasnt breaking the law, and could proceed with my painting. all the while john c. is snapping cell phone pix and snickering at me!
it all started with a man complaining and cursing, that i was too close to his fence and to leave my spot, which happened to be on public property, to which i less than politely declined to do. enter the law, who responded twice asking for my i.d. and asking me a bunch of questions. luckily the motorbike cop was originally from alabama and hadnt heard a southern accent like mine (and his) in ptown in ages, so he didnt hassle me any further and i finished the painting.
my current crime spree is in Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island Maine, enjoying my intimate class of 5 students as we menaced the island with brushes and paints on day one of a five day workshop for Acadia Workshop Center.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

SOLD-Sailing Away-6x8

 i'm in northern maine tonite getting ready for my workshop at Acadia Workshop Center on Mt. Desert Island. got in last night from the cape and got to work finding a harbor to paint in. then today i got aquainted with the island so i'd know where to take the class this week. found breathtaking cliffs, beaches, harbors, and tidal marshes all over the place. cant wait to get started.
above is from cape cod atop High Hill (as it was known back in the day). thats marthas vineyard way off on the horizon.