Friday, September 27, 2013

SOLD-Port Clyde in Afternoon Light-6x8

Port Clyde in the Evening Light-6x8
one evening on the Monhegan Island trip, I set up in front of where I was staying and dashed out this evening light study of the harbor in port clyde maine. you don't have long to mess around, painting-wise at this time of year when the light is fading. even more so the farther north you are. something about the angle of the sun at this time of year (going into winter). any amateur astronomers out there that can tell us why that is?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Blue Boat-6x8

Blue Boat 6x8
at the Plum Gallery in St. Augustine. contact me and i'll get in touch with them if you'd like this one

Did this one this week for the small works show in Fla. did it from another little plein air study I did several years ago on Geiger Key, just up from key west.
lots of little canals all over the place like this one. couldn't resist the reflections in the dead still water and that shot of blue from the boat in the dark reflection of the trees.
Oh yeah! big news! The Art of the Carolina's is coming up November 8-10 and promises to be the biggest ever. its the cross between some crazy art circus and art school. All the major art supply manufacturers like Windsor Newton, Grumbacher, you name it, show up. they show their latest products, have demos and give great discounts at the show. then there's the workshop component. I, along with about 40 other teachers from across the country will descend on north Raleigh holding over a hundred workshops in about three days. anything you could possibly care to learn about, in a variety of mediums and styles.
 i'll be teaching my adaptation of the cape cod underpainting method, knife painting, and the Secrets of Color Mixing. comraderie, fun, good deals, and instruction. whats not to love? and you can stay right in the Raleigh north Hilton where its held!
i'll be teaching three classes so email me if you think you might wanna attend. its the biggest workshop and art supply convention in the states!

New Workshop in Austin Tx
email me if you live near Austin and want to sign up its October 5-7 and the Atlanta w.s has a spot or two open. that date is October 11-13

passing the time on the the ferry heading back to Port Clyde from the recent Monhegan Island Maine trip

thanks Kathleen for the pic

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunshine Street-8x6

another one being shipped to the small painting show at Plum Gallery in St. Augustine Florida. they will be on sale there starting the first of October.
contact me if you'd like to purchase.

Friday, September 20, 2013

SOLD-Streaks of Light-6x6

Streaks of Light-6x6
this painting is all about getting the value relationships right. this one was done from a plein air study of a beautiful sunset in key west this past winter. i'm still amazed I get to wear shorts in January and February!
the plein air study was quick and I made sure I kept this one as loose as that one
love the way the two pieces of bright yellow and white light at the ground level of the buildings look like theyre coming around something.
a stroke here and there and next thing you know you see sailboats moored at the dock. well it helps that ive painted hundreds of sailboats so I just imagined what they would look like in this light key. "paint, paint, paint" gets lots of this type of raw data in the old brain banks so you can access it when you need it

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shady Lane-6x8

 Shady Lane-6x8
this little postcard painting is headed to a small works show at a St. Augustine gallery in a few days.  contact me if you'd like to purchase it

Important Workshop News! a few spots left in my Cape Cod Underpainting class at Binders in Atlanta. in this class i'll show you a surefire way to add lots of beautiful color to your paintings using my adaptation of the classic Cape Cod School of Art technique.
deadline is tomorrow so email me before Friday!
Vanishing View-18x24
available at Rowley Gallery Orleans Cape Cod
contact me for details

a little ditty from my show on the cape a few weeks ago. a home builder was gracious enough to let me paint from this wonderful bluff overlooking the coastline from truro to ptown. but once the houses are built i'm sure the owners wont take kindly to strangers on "their property". so it is indeed, unfortunately, a 'vanishing view'

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SOLD-Good Ole Days-6x8

 Good Ole Days-6x8

the street scene is one I sold recently on the cape.

Monday, September 16, 2013

SOLD-Falmouth Abode-8x10

just got back from the cape after a grueling 14 hour straight-thru drive. i'm still passing cars in my subconscious. saw several near misses with people changing lanes at 80 miles an hour, missing each other by just inches. I saw one woman at the Virginia/NC border barreling down the interstate in pitch blackness with no lights on. really? really?

 and folks are nervous about going in the ocean because of sharks? hmmmph. the chances of being killed by a shark are about the same as winning the lottery twice or being hit by lightening twice. the odds of having something happen to you while driving the interstate for fourteen hours. that's a different story!

whats on tap for me now that i'm back? ive got about eight paintings that need painting for a new place i'll be showing some work in St Augustine Florida. has to be done soon so I gotta get on it. i'll post some more of the cape works too now that i'm off the road for a few months

the above was a demo I did recently at my workshop in Falmouth on the cape. I showed how to draw a house in perspective, block in the shadow pattern and then apply the correct colors. the painting took about an hour and a half and the students were eager to jump on one of their own. a good sign they liked the demo!

the next day we went to the inlet but the wind was gusting and after a little sketching (some in paint, some with charcoal and pencil) we high tailed it back inside the comfy art center and did a limited stroke exercise where you have to paint an entire painting in less than 50 strokes. I had a class full of great artists and no one complained the whole time. well...not until the wind got up to about 20 knots LOL! a great workshop and I was invited back to do it again next year.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday, September 2, 2013

SOLD-Teds Corner-6x8

a little ditty from one of the old sections of Brewster on the cape. met ted whose grandfather built the cottages. Ted is in his eighties, i'm sure, so that tells you how old the older cottages have to be. loved the light key the afternoon this was painted. and the way I painted the car!
the show was a smashing success. fun was had by all! sold a bunch of paintings and met lots of really nice people. thanks for the party liz!

click the link for monhegan video clip below to see a clip from a cliff scene we were painting on monhegan island this past week. looks like you're going to fall off the cliff! thanks for the clip sue
click here>>>monhegan video clip