Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Gallery on Ocracoke Island

Nanna's Helper- 12x16
I'm pleased to announce that i've been picked up by Down Creek Galleries in the village of Ocracoke. this is cool for several reasons. it means i have representation on the entire stretch of the outer banks from kill devil hills to ocracoke. next it means i can jump on the ferry after delivering paintings and/or painting some pieces for the gallery and be home in several hours. now i have to backtrack all the way back up and around to get back home. so instead of 4+ hrs. it'll only be 2 1/2. hey every mile counts when gas is 3.50 a gallon over there!

i'm stoked to have a new location to paint (ocracoke is beautiful) and stoked to have 8-10 more pieces up for sale. thanks for bringing me onboard tony.

so expect much more outer banks stuff in the future.

here's one i did today from a painting i did last year. took a picture of a grandmother and her granddaughter spending quality time together on the beach and then painted it. put it in a gallery and the granddaughters mother recognized her daughter and mother while gallery hopping one rainy day at the beach. she mentioned it to her boyfriend and he bought it for a surprise bithday gift where she lives in raleigh. small world we live on! hope you like it and it makes you want to smile.
keep checking back to win a free painting this month. when i announce the giveaway day on here you register and maybe win a free 6x8 painting including free shipping!

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