Monday, July 11, 2011

Phillips Seafood from Bridge-16x20

headed to Tidewater Gallery- $790

painting this one was harrowing. i was standing on a very narrow sidewalk on a bridge with traffic zipping by at 55 mph with just inches to spare. needless to say you have to have lots of focus to concentrate with that going on. i tried not to think about some acne-covered 17 year old princess from emerald isle texting the love of her life, only to see me rolling across her windshield when she does finally look up. if you want to practice intense focus this is a great excercise if done from this vantage point. of course, i'll deny having said it if anything terrible should happen to anyone. this should cover me in this litigious society we live in-DISCLAIMER- i'll say that i'm a professional (and must have a horseshoe where the sun dont shine). those of you at home should not try this stunt! LOL

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