Friday, September 21, 2012

Sold-Jills View-6x8

painted this off the bridge of a boat owned by jill and jim (my host family) in conneticut where i taught a few days ago. this is a sailboat on the conneticut river near lyme. thanks jill and jim for your hospitality!

just wrapped up two days with some great painters from the Delmarva peninsula in chestertown maryland. here's about half of them capturing the early morning light on eastern neck wildlife preserve. we had a wide range of painting experience from beginners, to one painter who taught painting herself in the area. its fun and challenging to see if i can keep all parties engaged without going over some heads or boring others where i'm making it too simplistic. i learn alot from all of my students everytime i teach. i'm headed to rehoboth beach delaware next. thanks to lani and dan my hosts in chestertown!

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