Friday, April 5, 2013

SOLD-Postcard from Sloppy Joe's Key West-6x8

i like the dreamy morning light in this one!
Sloppies (as its called) is an indisputable must see for anyone visiting key west who likes a cold one. along with the green parrot and capt. tony's, sloppy joe's is one of the most visited bars in town. ive rode past to a painting spot and looked inside to see live music and drinking in excess as early as 10 am. thats late in this town. the crowd at schooner wharf starts drinking and playing at 7 am. its called the "breakfast club"
i guess it was some drinkers on vacation in paradise who came up with the saying 'its 5 o'clock somewhere'.
weekend mornings are great for a plein air painter because its like a ghost town downtown. theyre all in bed hung over and dont start moving around till noon or so. must say i'm glad i put that lifestyle down 23 years ago. gotta have a steady hand in this fine art business!


Anonymous said...

Mike, I have fond memories of ALL those establishment (lol)....must say not at 10.00am, though! Nothing better than to while away the afternoon happy hour at the Schooner listening to live music. I miss KW...but am so glad to re-visit old memories through your paintings. Are you full time down there, these days? How was your workshop at the Studios?

mike rooney studios said...

i'm here in kw every winter and consider it my home away from home! not only is the art scene great but i play music five nights a week somewhere from big pine to kw
keep a busy teaching schedule at the Studios and i also do a lot of private lessons.
glad you can 'visit' kw looking at my paintings!

Valentin said...

This is cool!