Thursday, October 31, 2013

SOLD-The Shining-8x8

a large 8x8 for a 6x8 price! the other mornings outing in Swansboro, a quaint little down east village on the water. click Buy Now. this one wont last long

Blueman Group- 12x16
on gallery wrap canvas/ painted around the sides (no frame needed)
email me for price and availability

ive had this painting kicking around for a few years and always loved it. it had a nice composition and the perspective was drawn well. why was it not hanging in a down east cottage or hanging in a Raleigh home, reminding its owner of their beach house?

 let me tell you....the ones I don't love, I ruthlessly sand them down and regesso them for future mercy with bad paintings. thing is I thought they were great two years ago LOL!
thought i'd put my two years of new experience painting to use and repaint parts of it. here's the original and then what I did this morning to improve it.
 1. repainted all the major shapes with more saturated (read bright/pretty) color. thought this was just a little too neutral. folks don't like neutral paintings. this was done outside and I tend to be more naturalistic (read neutral) out there. one of the pitfalls of painting and looking " into the sun". look how much better the farthest back house looks purplish/blue versus gray
2. worked on the cars in the bottom right corner. darker red in the shadow and warmer and lighter in the light. darkened the truck with the camper
3. brightened the lights on the bushes and darkened and cooled the shadows. this trick breaks the light out away from the shadow (read-gives more contrast)
4. gave the sky more temperature shifts and variety.
5. made the shadows on the white driveway bluer and darker.

wow! what a difference. always give your 'dead' inventory a careful once over before destroying them. they might just need some simple TLC to bring them back to life. put those years of experience since you painted it to good use. but don't think theyre all redeemable. they aren't. that's why we get paid the big bucks. yeah right. that's hysterical!


Anne Winthrop Cordin said...

You are Hysterical Mike! I have had to force myself to add more chroma to everythng when painting outside for all the reasons you described, it had worked out well. Otherwise, back to the studio to intensify it all! LOL

mike rooney studios said...

anne- I think we tend to paint exactly what we see if we don't make the conscious effort not to, when we paint outside. I like a little more saturated color on my paintings but i don't like to overdo that either.