Monday, January 20, 2014

SOLD-Yellow in Morning Light-8x6/ New Workshop Scheduled

buzzing around on my paintmobile (a bike with easels, paintbox, and paintings tied and clamped all over it) is the best transportation on the island.
 I found this great collection of tropical colors and shapes one morning. I know in my left brain that its a house and palm trees and stuff, but my right brain just sees abstract shapes of color and value in a pleasing arrangement. the painter wants what the painter wants!

Announcing a new Key West Demo and Workshop on Friday February 28th
I'm planning a one day demo/workshop where i'll do a demonstration painting in the morning, showing step-by step how I find a location to paint, start the underpainting, and then continue on to the finish of the piece. After lunch, I'll assist students at their easels, while they work on their own plein air paintings, the rest of the afternoon. Cost is $75 for the whole day.

email me at: to register.seating is very limited and will fill up fast. I'm taking a maximum of 6 students so everybody will get plenty of personal attention.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
I'm in Australia otherwise it'd be fun to attend one of your workshops. I have a question regarding the Cape Cod underpainting method. I am loving blocking in using bright colours..underpainting with the paint thinned with turps . But can it be done wet in wet? A lot of the underpainting colour seems to get mushed in with the next thicker layer...I don't want things to get too dirty trying to colour correct.
Any tips gratefully received.
I enjoy your blogs,

mike rooney studios said...

I use a very scrubbed on thin underpainting. that way I can color correct with control and just make sure you aren't putting in any complementary color into your shape and you wont get "mud"

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike! I'll try thinner, scrubbed blocking in.