Monday, June 30, 2014

South Harbor in Afternoon Sun-24x30

 South Harbor in Afternoon Light
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one of the newer pieces coming off the easel this week. all these are from the Atlantic, NC trip I just got back from. it really lit a fire under my muse and she's giving me all kinds of mojo.

here's the photo reference for the one below 
the black marks on the acetate (taped over my laptop screen) are for accurately placing the paintings big pieces on the much larger canvas.

something I have on the easel this week. a 24x30 I believe.
here, I've got the block-in in basically three different colors. blueish purple for the darks, yellowy orange for the grass and lit parts of the trees and pinks for the water and sky. I let all this dry thoroughly then I use glazes and opaque paint to put more realistic color over the crazy colors
workshop news
I have a workshop in Raleigh NC, this month on how to mix any color with a limited palette of red, yellow, blue and white. email me if youre interested in signing up. its at jerrys artarama around the middle of the month.

in other news my new calypso/steel drum act (calypso kid) is going great. I'm playing around topsail island the whole month of july, during the dinner/ tiki bar happy hours. my next gig is at the Trailer Bar this Thursday and Friday from 4-7 and Buddys from 8-10. if youre on the island come check out some of my island style steel drum music. I started playing the pan down in key west this past winter and have found my new favorite instrument.

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