Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mt. Desert Island Shapes 8x10

Mt. Desert Island Shapes 8x10

Just finished up a weeklong plein air workshop teaching on Mt. Desert Island (Bar Harbor) in northern Maine.
Had a wonderful group of artists stoked on learning and painting.
We painted idyllic Maine harbors full of lobster boats moored near sailboats and yachts. I love the evergreens (firs I think) and rocky coast here.
A ships captain from Massachusetts at the turn of the century, after sailing to Maine for months on end wrote in a letter to his wife, "put a bucket of sand at the head of my grave. Ive seen enough stones for eternity".

My next foray to Maine will be for my Monhegan Island Mentoring workshop next August (the last week).
In that workshop we paint, paint, paint and hang out talking art for hours. Its limited to prior students of mine that are experienced painting outside. There are two critique sessions per day and I give lots of career advice, too. The class is nice and small (6 or 7) for lots of personal attention. If you think you'd be interested let me know ( ). Only a seat or two left.


DGehman said...

Only a few words there, Mike, not nearly enough to cover the incredible experience of this workshop. Never again will I flounder, lost - this workshop gave me the tools to unlock why something has clanked instead of rung like a bell. That is an AMAZING amount to learn in 5 days. Not to mention than the main value of the workshop is (are?)... values. As in, everything about them. Thanks again, Mike.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

love the way you're your color harmony!

Unknown said...

Mike, your workshop was the bomb! I learned some fabulous techniques and you have a sensitive eye and a unique talent for teaching. You recognized my weak points and gave me the right instruction and encouragement that I needed. Value. Make the mark and leave it. I'm working on it this week in Maine! You are quite the man here in Seal Cove. We love you and your free spirit. Thanks for such awesome enthusiasm and accomplished instruction. I look forward to more of your workshops.