Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Viejo Canon Habana (Old Havana Canyons) -18x24

Viejo Canon Habana (Old Havana Canyons)  18x24

First large one in the series done. doing all the sketching, prelim studies and careful planning made this come together pretty quickly. I'm happy with the cohesiveness of the image even tho' I want the street scene to reflect the somewhat chaotic, disorderly nature of old town Havana. looks like a lot without being a lot. Also playing with cools over warms and warms over cools and loose edges through out.

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Klinger Studios said...

This is beautiful, Mike. You've captured a bit of Havana's mystery and wabi-sabi.

I watched/listened to your youtube uke jam - fun stuff! It sounds more like Jamaican Jazz than traditional Cuban music. Cool.