Monday, May 11, 2015

In progress- Charleston street scene

Been  a while since Ive posted, so I thought I'd post this 'in progress' shot of day three on a large street scene from a photo shot in Charleston SC. trying to keep it loose but accurate at this stage.
Since my last post I packed up and left Key West and taught two workshops heading north. One in St. Augustine Fl. and the other in Hilton Head SC. Then I got caught up in unpacking and settling back in at home in NC, not feeling too much like painting. that's not unusual after leaving florida for the winter. It usually takes about a week before I can concentrate on painting again so yesterday I grabbed this painting that I started back in Elizabeth City during Splash week (November) and started working on it. then more painting on it today.
 I had done just the underpainting back in November, so it was fun to pick up the painting and start top coating it. more to go.... but a good third day on it!

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