Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Flowing In- 36x48

Flowing In
36x48 on gallery wrapped canvas
email me for price and availability at rooneystudios@Hotmail.com

so many things about the way i paint have changed in the last year. one area is the size. i never used to enjoy painting big. now i love it. i'm using a part acrylic, part oil underpainting process that gives me the peeks of pure color i love poking out in just the right spots. and I learned a thing or two from my buddy Dan Nelson about transparent glazes. I don't do it a lot but it looks great on certain areas.
also, my color sense went more Wolf Kahn and less Kevin Mcpherson with much looser brushwork.
But probably the biggest change is that i'm painting almost everything in the studio since last december. i'm using studies and photo references from years and years painting outside almost exclusively. i think it taught me how to "correct" a photo if I have to.  But I'm doing my own interpretation of the them tho'. i'm not so literal anymore, and don't try to exactly reproduce the scene and light key like i used to. Trying to introduce some "wow" factor into the painting.
painting is a fluid thing and the bar is always changing. what i thought i was doing ok on a few years ago, look laughable and amateurish to me now. as the ones i'm doing now will look in several years.
that is....i hope!


Dave Gehman said...

Shades of Colington, that quiet island? peninsula? off the Outer Banks. Literally. Lots of shades. Great stuff, but I'll miss the thought of you out in the sun, then jumping into a 7-11 for a 4-day old sandwich...

Unknown said...

That oil painting is superb! The painter has really done a great job. I am also a newbie painter and in next month I am going to take part in a painting contest at a gallery Chicago event space. Hoping for the best!