Sunday, July 26, 2009

'07 and '08 Studio Sale

The J.R. Navigator-8x10

Shades of Red- 8x10


Bowl and Co-Worker- 8x10

See Thru and Blue-9x12

Out to Pasture-8x10

I'm having an '07 and '08 Clear Out the Studio Sale on all these pieces.

Baby gotta have new shoes. LOL


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I appreciate you keeping it real with the studio sale pricing. There is so much hoo ha about prices and never selling anything for less than a certain price. Some of us want to clear out the inventory and sell to 'real' folks for whom $75 is a pretty penny for a non essential item.
These are nice paintings, priced right.

mike rooney studios said...

you'd be surprised (you probably wouldnt) at the ridiculous arguments i get about pricing artwork. status quo is about doing things a certain way because other people want you to do it that way. one told me she'd rather go out of business than drop her prices. instead of painting she'll be saying, "fries with that burger sir?" LOL
we need to stay viable in times like these not inflexible. the galleries i'm in that shudder when i suggest flexible pricing are the ones on the verge of closing, and i mean high end ones!
sell em at the shoe store if thats what pays your bills i say. fooey on status quo. i do what works for me.

Justin Holdren said...

You said it Mike! I am actually happy where I am. The galleries I am currently selling in are smaller ones with people that are selling in my current price bracket. They have no problem with me selling smaller work at more affordable prices because those pieces I don't normally offer at the gallery anyway. I have even sold work through an art sale on a farm, and am going to do a library show next year. Gotta put it where I can right?

mike rooney studios said...

justin- youre at that stage where getting your name out there is most important. be everywhere. sell, sell ,sell. dont turn down any opportunity. been there done that. bought the t-shirt
dont worry, you wont have to do that 100% of the time in the next stage. BTW HAVE FUN! and good luck