Thursday, July 16, 2009

One Behind the Other-6x6-SOLD

i love untraditional views and if its got architecture in it what's not to love? this old building was cool but when i saw it behind the half lit up white wall it was too much for me to resist. this is off Hillsborough Street heading down to NCSU. done around 5 pm just when the light gets good.

Jamie's getting up out of the bed for the first time since the accident ten days ago. he's eating regular food (hospital food sucks bad!) when we bring it from Bojangles, Wendy's etc. i'm convinced that Bojangles food has healing properties!


Anonymous said...

That's such very good news Mike. At any age, when the appetite comes back, healing is just a few swallows away.

You must be feeling the light at the end of the tunnel.

As well, the light on these two buildings- shadow and late day sun.
Your painting skills haven't diminished one bit.

Douglas Hoover said...

Hey Man, It's good to see the Rooney painting machine back in action. Great new works!

mike rooney studios said...

bonnie- was glad that the old appetite came back. youre right.. he's on the mend!
isnt the late afternoon light fun to paint. you gotta be quick tho'. it changes very fast and the you gotta get those shadow shapes in and leave em.
thanks for the nice words,, i do feel a bit rusty still, but when i get back to my usual three or four a day.... i'll get it back.

Doug- not quite back to four to five a day but i did do three today.
i like your downtown winston salem stuff alot. keep on slingin that paint man!