Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Marsh at 10 OClock-6x8-$75

$8 s/h
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Loved this "zig-zag" shaped marsh island. i was trespassing bad painting this one today. i just know one day i'm gonna get locked up painting in people's backyards without permission. but as a plein air painter i live by the saying "its easier to ask forgiveness than permission"

Duke's Jar- 6x6

this was a commission for a nice lady in Hawaii who was missing her hometown mayonnaise, Duke's. i did another one a year back for a lady who sent it to her Tarheel kids out in Colorado. Dukes has quite a following here in the south. i cant eat it... i have to keep a jar in my fridge just for painting!


Steve said...

Mike, love them both but especially the marsh island zig zag.
Hey, if a pleinaire guy isn't getting injured or locked up once in a while, is he really trying his hardest? hahaha
Glad things have settled down for you and the family.

mike rooney studios said...

steve- jamie's recovering at home. he has about 9 months of rehab to go thru but the surgeries are over so thats good. thanks for your support during that craziness.
getting locked up for plein air painting... hmmm,,thats suffering for your art isnt it?