Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Limited Posts

I wont be posting on the blog for the next several days. My stepson Jamie spilled a panful of burning grease on his chest, arms and hand during a grease fire at our house. He's been seriously burned and we had him transported to the UNC Hospital Burn Center in Chapel Hill. so my wife and i are sitting with him off and on, for at least two weeks, while he's up here. He'll have surgery tomorrow to graft skin from his thighs to the third degree burn on his chest and possibly to his hands. we're greatful to God that Jamie didnt burn up in the house, where he fell asleep cooking fries and the grease caught on fire. he woke up and tried to grab the pan and get it outside. he tripped and fell and the hot grease spilled all over his chest, arms and hands. some people put the fire out before it got past the kitchen. We have to live in a motel for at least a week the insurance adjuster said.

we're also greatful to only be hours from this regional burn center. the guy that was involved in the Ocracoke fireworks explosion on the 4th of July is here for his severe burns. three other workers for the firework company died. this is a top notch burn center and people come from all over the mid-atlantic for severe burns.
If youre a prayer, we could use 'em. He's in so much pain and is in for long road of recovery.

so as you can see i'll be taking care of other things, but i'll get back to posting as soon as we get past this.


Anonymous said...

Praying for Jamie. Love admiring your work -- hope the paint helps you all heal.

Indiana Frank said...

Praying for God's healing touch on Jamie and His comfort for you and your family.
Indiana Frank

Mikes1024 said...

Mike, my thoughts and prayers are with your son and your family.

Anonymous said...

Adding my prayers to yours! God bless all of you as you support Jamie through this difficult time.

polusladkaia said...

wishing you and your family comfort and healing! You bring so much joy into the world, hope much returns to you now!

Anonymous said...

Prayers from Maine.

Steve said...

Mike, we'll be praying for strength, comfort, and healing for you and your family.

Douglas Hoover said...

Hey Mike, our thoughts are with you buddy and wishes for a speedy recovery for Jamie. I know when you get back to painting, we're gonna see some bright, expressive work.

mike rooney studios said...

anonymous- thanks for the prayers. they are powerful!and glad you like my stuff too thanks

Indiana Frank- he's doing much better today than yesterday,,,, keep up the prayers man! thanks

Mikes1024- thank you so much

anonymous- thanks for your support during this... i appreciate it

Polusladkaia- thanks for writing in with your support. kharma says joy out, joy in right! thanks

anon from maine- thanks for the prayers coming from that far north down to NC. i appreciate it

Steve- thanks so much. we got a little rest today and it seemed like an oasis in the desert. these chairs they have in these hospital rooms could be used in GITMO in cuba.

Douglas- thanks so much,,,,cant wait to leave this wayyyyy in the rear view mirror, and get back to painting beautiful beach landscapes all over the coast! what about what happened in our beloved Ocracoke this past weekend. awful... i knew a few of those folks that died from the Lords Table church where i used to go in Goldsboro. the man that lived is on the burn ward up here with us. he has third degree(one of the worst burns) all down both arms. jamie has third degree on his chest and maybe left hand.

Anonymous said...

Mike and Annette- you are in our prayers that God's peace would just cover you and Jamie. I can't even imagine what you are going through. We will pray for his healing hand upon Jamie and his loving arms around you! Love, Nat and Gerry

Tracy Bell said...

I am catching up on the computer today and am alarmed to read the saga of Jamie. God bless you and your family. I look forward to hearing more notes of improvement. Art is Therapy- I know this well.