Friday, July 3, 2009

High Atop the White Oak-8x8


The name of this one ought to be High Atop the White Oak 2 because i repainted over the below painting. Me and about ten other people hated the tree on it and i didnt like the coolish light so i gessoed over it and repainted this one using the 6x8 study that sold a few days ago as the inspiration. i love this one way better than the previous one. sometimes you just paint a dog out there no matter how hard you try not to. thats just the way it is. the true test is if i smile when i look at it. i do on this one.


Carol Schiff Studio said...

Mike, This is by far a better painting, in fact it is a great painting. I wonder though, how do you gesso over oil? Or are you painting in acrylics?

mike rooney studios said...

carol- i put a very thin coat of gessoe ontop of the oil (it wasnt totally dry yet, sand and/or scrape vigourously and use just enough to block out the previous image. super thin!. no problems to date. fifty years from now its going to be at a yard sale anyway so who cares by then? LOL
thanks for the nice words about the second one. youre right,.... the first one sucked bad! glad i redid another one.