Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sat. Update

yeehaaahhh! jamie's skin graft surgery was yesterday and tho' there was a lot of pain and dropping in and out of reality from the pain meds, i think the very worst is over and we can start looking forward to the healing.

i wanted to thank everybody in my blogosphere for the emails and sweet, uplifting comments on here. when things were tuff and i could getaway from the room and slip down to a waiting room, i'd plug in my computer and throw some thoughts together and give a post update. there were scores of wellwishing notes from people saying they had him (and us) in their prayers. it seems like such a small thing but when your world's falling in around you, those are lifelines to sustained hope. even if youre strong you still can "give out" but those are like cups of cold water along the route of the boston marathon. something to get you to the next checkpoint and the next, until youve run the whole race.

i couldnt have done it without y'all.

i promise i'll take a photo of that little coffee house painting i did the other afternoon, and post it as soon as i change my clothes, get a good meal and get near my upload cable.

i'm going to give it to jamie framed to keep. he loves my little paintings and saves many from the trash can when i throw them away. he's got em hanging up all around and i'll see 'em, and throw them away again. he gets em out of the trash AGAIN and hangs em back up. so Carolina Coffee House is going to be his.


Sheila Brodnick said...

Good news, Mike - it's great to hear that things are moving in a positive direction, we're all still sending good karma your way.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks for stopping in again!things are on the upswing now and the healing can begin. what a scary thing and so suddenly!
you ought to get a little warning when your world is going to be turned upside down like this, right? guess it doesnt happen that way huh?

Aliaena said...

Hi Mike, I just wanted to add my voice and prayers to the group of us here who are thinking of you and your son and your wife. So difficult all this, I can't begin to imagine. But I hope that the worst is over for you and that things will be uphill from here. I have been following your blog regularly for a while now (as I've commented before - I love your painting)and was so saddened to read about this accident. Please know that love is reaching out to all of you - from all of us - and holding you close. Please keep letting us know how things are going. Prayers and thoughts of lessening pain for your son, and for some rest and comfort for all three of you are headed your way from this corner of the world (France) to your sunny corner of the earth. And yes, indeed, those whom we love are the most important things in life. Aliaena

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Mike, Yea! A positive note! So glad to hear you have renewed hope. I know you still have many hard days ahead, but, on a whole your progress will be forward. Never underestimate the effects of your strong and positive attitude on your family and yourself. My prayers are with you all.

polusladkaia said...

wonderful news!
AND -- sounds like Jamie is a very smart man! great luck for both of you!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks for lifting us up. he's on the mend tho' we have a few more days of frustration with him trying to get out of bed (thats a definate no-no right now after the surgery) but we're on the upswing now. ive got a few paintings hanging in a house in paris so i feel close to that country tho i've never been. thanks for the prayers and support. God bless you.

carol- we are indeed on the upswing. it'll get better and better every day from here. i just take it half day by half day and soon we'll be back home and he'll be walking around again and life can return to some semblance of normalcy


thanks for the support and i cant wait to start pushing some paint again. its my dear friend and i miss it terribly. what i'd give right now for just a day out in the sun painting and swatting bugs and answering tourists questions :D

Denise R said...

Oh goodness Mike! I have been out of town with no internet connection and just got back to read your news. I am also praying for Jamie and your and your wife too. I might have missed this but how old is Jamie? I know this is tough but you do have many people "out here" that admire you and only want the best for you and your family, and I am one of them! Hopefully things are better even today with him and the doctors know just what to do to help him heal. I think you are blessed to be so close to that wonderful burn center. Take care and remember how much support you have!

Anonymous said...

Mike- it was with a sigh of relief that I read todays' post. It's not over but somehow just moving along and checking each hurdle out of the way is like no longer being on the back of the line with no one behind you.

It's so very difficult to watch someone you love be suffering. You'd do it for them if you could change places.

Your strength and optimism and joy will filter through to Jamie and he'll feel it.

Support and love come from many sources and this blog is another place to come to see how many people care about you.

How terrific it is that you can continue to paint. Matters not a bit what it looks like.

Keep the good news coming.

LSaeta said...

I read your post three tinmes because it felt so good to sense the positive uplift in your voice! I know this journey will take some time but please remember you have lots of friends out in the blog world that are praying for you! Love to Jamie and Annette.

mike rooney studios said...

denise- jamie will be forty in a month. he's still mama's "baby" right now. he might as well be three. glad to know youre out there for us. its weird. you guys on the blog and email are everybit as close as our family members two hours away are. we asked them to not come and visit because it wakes him up and thats when he keeps trying to get out of the bed. so you are close. thanks for that!

Bonnie- yeah youre exactly right about the checkpoints. when i did the homeless shelter we kinda used that too. just worry about this small milestone and dont look any further than that till you reach it. helps to break a long journey into easy manageable small steps. thanks for your support and yes it felt great to go paint. its very therapeutic! i'm painting in my minds eye until i can go again. how about you paint one for me!

LSaeta- he is doing better than yesterday and they said the first two to three days are the worst so we're looking forward to tomorrow! knowing you guys are out there rooting for us helps too. thanks