Thursday, July 30, 2009

Front St. Watering Hole-SOLD

Front St. Brewery was done from the top of the parking deck in downtown Wilmington. liked the umbrella's and the whole vantage point thing. the building has so much character. i bet everybody who's been to downtown wilmington has downed an adult beverage in Front St. Brewery.

did this one a little different. underpainted a wash of a burnt sienna color all over the panel then went in with a darked red for the darks and wiped out the light areas. then i put local color on top of this burnt sienna value study. Whacked in a couple of umbrellas and a few shapes for people on the street and voila!


Sheila Brodnick said...

love this

Anonymous said...

Voila, he says.....
That's like the kid in trig class who says " yeah, it's easy."
For you.

Love the perspective looking down and those sketchy figures that remind me of the impressionist paintings of old Paris street scenes in the rain.
Just a few well placed dashes and you've got people suggested.

Terrific piece. Oh, and thanks for sharing your underpainting steps.

mike rooney studios said...

sheila- glad you enjoyed this one

bonnie- isnt that a hoot looking down at such a severe angle. i tend to do that burnt sienna wipe off method alot on cloudy days. i use the cape cod school technique on sunny days with shadows.

Elizabeth said...

Just found your site via Daily Painters and love your work. I agree with bonnieluria: easy for YOU. But as a newbie I appreciate all tips and techniques offered and will try the underpainting technique you mentioned. Lovely view, and all your paintings give a feeling of restful beauty.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I just love the vantage point on this one.

mike rooney studios said...

elizabeth- thanks for the nice words. glad you found my site.please come back

mary- i love painting looking down off this parking deck. did some figurative from up there as well as the landscapes. when its cloudy it makes things interesting when the sunlite cant be the star of the show.