Sunday, July 19, 2009

Overcast Reflection-6x6-SOLD

Got over behind Davis Seafood today and tho' it was overcast, i loved this boat and its colors. i pushed them of course.... for instance where i saw a grayish-purple i left out some of the de-saturation to "push" the purple color. i hate gray day paintings that are gray. i have to constantly remind myself, i'm making paintings-- not trying to reproduce the scene exactly. my goal is to have my paintings more beautiful than the actual scene i'm looking at.

doesnt mean i do, just means i try! :D


Steve said...

fiesigMike, I really like that background, especially the blues & purples in the shadow areas. Glad you're back out on the job-must be quite a relief that you're able to paint and things have settled down.
Take care.

Steve said...

Oops, "fiesig" was the word verification code...wrong spot.

Anonymous said...

You paint atmosphere so well. What I like so much about your paintings is how they are both precise and free.
The values show precision ( and maybe some precision left over from sign painting days ) and your brushwork shows how free and loose your hand is.

Things must be moving along a bit better, I sense..........

mike rooney studios said...

steve- it feels so good to be out painting. i know down the road i'll take it for granted again....but for a good while i wont!

bonnie- thanks...thats quite the complement! Accurate and loose. youre too kind.
things are getting every day and it shouldnt be long before he can convalesce at home. week to ten days maybe. thanks for being there for us. you helped get me thru the worst part getting on here and seeing all the supportive comments here and email. thanks!