Friday, July 17, 2009

Waitin' to Hookup-SOLD

on a train kick for some reason. the way the tracks go back into the distance and how the silvery light today had its own color harmony. not really all cool like an overcast day and not real "warm" colorwise (tho' it was quite muggy and miserable today)
not alot of hard shadows tho there were some very subtle ones out there. i just pack up when there arent ANY shadows at all. not worth painting anything with such weak sunlite on it, IMHO.

as you can tell i'm getting out everyday to paint. jamie has his grandmother staying with him in the hospital to relieve his mom and i for a few days so we can go home, pay bills, wash our clothes etc. before we go back to the burn center to stay with him. at least i am getting some painting done. at this point, i could care less if it sells or not. it gets me out of that hospital room. i know he's in good hands with his nurses, mom, and grandmother tending to his every need. i'm tending to the paint!

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