Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cloudbank Islands-12x12-SOLD

Cloudbank Islands- 12x12


Marsh in the Morning- 22x28- $600 framed
SOLD- in less than 24 hours! could be a record!
Worked really big today. Did this 22x28 on site this morning after a quick thunderstorm, and then the 12x12 above. that's alot of square inches for me, considering i usually do 8x10's and 6x8's, and the occasional 9x12.
Used really big brushes and loose paint strokes (plus i had done a small study for Marsh in the Morning a few weeks ago) all which made this doable in one session. i'm tickled over how they came out. i may start painting big just for the heck of it. i've got 8 or 10- 12x16 frames stacked up all over my studio. Guess what you'll be seeing out of me for the next little while.


L. Douglas Holder said...

Marsh in the Morning. Beautiful eye catching painting. Great composition. Nothing at all haphazard here.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks L Douglas- i'm hesitant to do large pieces plein air because so much can go wrong so quick. sometimes you get one to work out effortlessly like this one did. wish they all went this easy.

Justin Holdren said...

Beautiful Mike! Im typing while half alseep. Just got in from hospital. My little niece was just born! Anyway, had to check in and see what you were painting. Great pieces! Love the large plein air work. The largest I've gotten to outdoors is 16 x 20. This one is huge!

mike rooney studios said...

justin- thanks man!
congrats on the birth of your new niece! thats awesome.
yeah...this is huge outside but i had a ball. the suns moving, i had tourists talking to me and a prison crew whacking weeds just yards from me. concentration must not be needed on these large one eh?
one tip- do a small one of the same thing before you tackle a big one that size (in one session). that way you've worked out the bugs somewhat so it doesnt get away from you.