Thursday, July 2, 2009

Salt Marsh-SOLD

Cottage on the Water- 8x10

email me if you'd like it before it goes to a gallery

High Atop the White Oak-8x8
available at Tidewater Gallery in Swansboro

Temps here in eastern NC are in the mid 90's with crushing humidity so you have to paint in the morning and in the afternoon. the two above are great examples of the difference in the light. look how blue/lavender the morning one looks compared to the afternoon beach cottage with its yellows and orange flavor. it has to do with the way the sun goes thru different atmosphere in the evening and causes the light to have more red light waves in it (thus the oranges, yellows)
The mid-day is glaring white light and the sun is straight overhead, no shadows. without shadows there's nothing to show off the light.


Justin Holdren said...

Great paintings Mike! I really like the salt marsh one. I've been working on some coastal pieces too, mostly from plein air sketches and photos. Wish I lived close enough to the beach to plein air paint there all the time!

mike rooney studios said...

justin- thats why i made the move to the beach. its so good to roll out of the bed thinking what do i want to paint, beach, marsh hmmmmm? why not do them all?
thanks for the nice words about "Salt Marsh"