Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wed. Update

i know that most people come over to my blog to escape reality for even just a moment. real life can be pretty overwhelming.

i'll be honest with you..... if you dont need anymore reality today, and just want to see pretty beach landscapes, boats etc. that make you forget it for a second..... this may not be the place for you (at least for the next several weeks). hey i'm sorry.
as frank gardner likes to say "life is getting in the way" for me now---BIGTIME

i have bits and pieces of time waiting for this or that surgery, or this or that doctor to come and talk to us about jamies prognosis, etc., so i'll try to make the upcoming blogs informative (a lot of people are praying for jamie and want to know how he's doing) and uplifting. heck.... reality sucks enough already. people dont want to come on here and get another dose. there are silver linings!

so here goes....

jamie is still in that "twilite state" a sort of drug induced off and on sleep because of the pain. surgery is scheduled for tonight sometime, to graft skin onto his chest to prevent infection. they said he was burned on 15% of his body with the hot grease.

first i want to thank my "internet family" and friends, collectors and gallery owners for the emails (and comments here) for their wellwishing and prayers. little did Al Gore know when he invented the internet LOL that blogs would spawn friends we've never seen to be such a powerful supportive network. most of them you wouldnt know if you walked by them in the mall.

here's the philosophic part as i see it.....

life can turn on a dime. what you once had can be gone in ten minutes. your whole life can be turned upside down by events totally out of your control. loved ones can be gone in the blink of an eye by their own hand or the ignorant act of a stranger. it can be maddening. it can strain your faith or it can strengthen it. it can break it or make it unbreakable.

Whether you believe in God or not, all mankind (since we've been around) believe that there's a reason for things and a plan, even if its unknowable to us. the madmen of the world have always been the ones that thought things just happen willy nilly and you just have to take these things. Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer, the Son of Sam, to name a few.

to me that would be like having a toothache and the dentist comes up and tells you he knows it hurts like the devil and just get used to it, it'll never go away. you'd want to blow your brains out after a while of that i'd think. in the case of the madmen above they were cowards and did it to other people instead.

but you can see it this way too- the bad times make you appreciate the good times better. without pain their is no bliss. without hate you cant accurately judge love. without danger to our loved ones we cant enjoy when theyre all safe and sound. you get my gist.
so if yours are safe today thank God (or whoever you credit when things go well) and go call em and tell em you love them. you or they could have many days to do this or not even the end of this day. you just dont know and i have to believe that even that small detail is for our own good.

ok... enough mushy stuff. remember i've got nothing to do but sit here with my thoughts and my broadband card and internet access. right now youre either glad i do or wishing al gore had never invented the internet! (you know he did right?!) LOL


Steve said...

Mike, I believe you are 100% correct, and I also believe that your outlook will be healthy and healing for your family. That, and your faith in your God.
It sounds trite sometimes to say things such as the "silver lining," etc etc., but by glory, it is true, and if you/we can survive today, tomorrow will show us unexpected hope and promise. Take it a day or a half day or an hour at a time, buddy, and keep your eyes and heart open for the upside to show itself.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike- I've read this post and the previous one trying to imagine the nightmare that has befallen Jamie and your family.
But everything you've stated here is truer than we realize and will be the guiding force in pulling Jamie through this awful time.

What you're getting back now from everyone who cares about you, is a direct reflection of living that philosophy.
The sense that life is very precious and is to be appreciated fully, is an underlying theme in the joy that your posts portray and how generously you share your knowledge and appreciation of your art.

One day at a time is all you can do and what you can do.

I'm glad you can still write your thoughts out- it's good for you. And know, please, that we are all wanting to know how it's all going.

Steve, above has said it very well.

PS ( left a comment on yesterdays' too, but it's not there ).


Carol Schiff Studio said...

Mike, So sorry to hear about the nightmare you and your family are living right now. I believe your strong faith, in God?, in your friends? in yourself?, will carry you and those around you through this time. Jamie is traveling a long road to recovery, but he is fortunate enough to have a strong stepfather by his side.

You are in my prayers.

mike rooney studios said...

steve- dude,,,you said it all! God takes even the crappy stuff that happens to believer and unbeliever alike and turns it into something useful....somehow. that is amazing to me. thanks for your support in one of those situations.

bonnie- you dear friend have a graceful outlook on life as well. i appreciate your friendship on this blog from your island home to coastal NC. is that cool or what!

carol- thanks for your kind words. knowing you're there in the blogosphere watching and responding is a blessing to me and my family.

LSaeta said...

You have so many followers out in the cyber world and please know that we are praying for you and your family right now. Life has so many odd twists and turns. Your beliefs and strength will help Jamie during this difficult time. God Bless you!

Sheila Brodnick said...

Mike, I'll pray that you and your wife have the strength and patience to get you through this, and that Jaimie heals physically and emotionally. Just live day to day. Sheila

mike rooney studios said...

LSaeta- thanks for being there in cyberspace for us! we're doing as well as can be expected
thanks again!

Sheila- appreciate the prayers and support. he has a skin graft operation tomorrow thats about four hours long to cover the large 3rd degree burns so keep praying for the doctors and jamie. we're doing fine (annette and i) hanging in there one day at a time. thanks again.